9 Statements You Can Relate To If You Grew Up In A Goan Household

By Niharika Nayak

If you’ve grown up in a Konkani household, be it in Goa or other areas in Karnataka or Maharashtra, you would probably relate to this article. Goan and Konkani cultures are intertwined, though not every Goan is Konkani and vice versa. The Goan culture brings to mind – sandy blue beaches, mouth-watering food, holidays, music, celebration, and relaxation, and is well recognized around the world. But as with any popular thing, sometimes perceptions get based on generalizations and stereotypes. Only those of you who have actually grown up in Goa, have seen the life from close quarters and know what it is like to live and grow up there. So without further ado, we present to you, nine statements that every Goan can probably relate to:

1. “Oh, You’ve Become Proper “Foren” Now”



You will often hear this statement from judgmental elders who think just because you are eating with a spoon and fork, means you are now a “foreigner”. It is often used to tease people who eat with cutlery rather than with their hands. The Goan food is curry and gravy based and is better suited to be eaten with hands rather than cutlery. Many Goans, especially the older generation, believe that eating with your hands brings out the real taste of the food you are eating, and hence, eating with cutlery at home is considered highly disrespectful.

2. “You Goans Must Live Off Feni!”

“You Goans Must Live Off Feni!”


Yes, Feni is delicious and a popular part of every Goan household, but that does not mean we drink it every single day, man! It’s silly that people think Goans are getting wasted 24/7! If this was the case, who’d go to work and earn money for the family? Yes, we Goans love a good drink every now and then, but that does not make the entire state alcoholic.

3. “Are All Goan Women Extremely Hot?”



The truth is that Goan women are as graceful as their culture and ways. Every woman is beautiful in her own way regardless of whether she is from Goa, Jharkhand, or Tamil Nadu.

Good dressing and self-care are big parts of the Goan life and that surely gives them high pointers in this area. What someone considers “hot” depends totally on their own perception. But one thing we can agree on is that Goans women know how to carry themselves in style.

4. “Ayy Maria Pitache”



Omg, you have such a wonderful sense of humor (sarcasm). While this song is popularly performed at Goan weddings, it isn’t really a happy song. Maria Pitache is a sad song about a man lamenting that he was promised marriage to a woman named Maria, but her father married her off to a wealthier man. So it isn’t really something fun to laugh about. Yeah, Remo D’Souza made it sound super fun and energetic, but it has a deeper meaning behind it.

5. “Is It True That You Drink During Weddings?”



And why should we not? Drinking during weddings is popular among the Catholic community. And the same is true even for many Hindu communities across India. Just as Punjabi folks drink during their weddings, so do we. Weddings are one of those events where the young and old can all come together and have merry drinks to celebrate the health and future of the newlyweds. It’s honestly the best way to wish the couple a happy marriage and celebrate their union.

6. “Is Your Grandfather Portuguese?”



Yes, and my grandmother is a Spanish conquistador who partnered with Shivaji Maharaj to defeat the Mongols and The Portuguese. Sounds silly? Because it is! Just as your assumption that all Goans are of Portuguese descent. Many from the Hindu and Muslim Goan communities retained their heritage (albeit with a tax) and didn’t have to change their names to Portuguese names.

7. “Make Me Some Fish Curry Rice!”



Go make me some butter chicken and mutton kolhapuri! Just imagine how you’d feel if someone blurted this out without even asking what your favorite food or specialty is. While fish curry rice is popularly eaten in Goa, that doesn’t mean that every Goan enjoys eating it. There are plenty of Goans who are vegetarian or those who detest eating fish, and it’s silly to assume that all Goans eat fish curry rice.

8. “How Can You Put Garlic And Coriander In A Drink!”



It’s called Sol Kadhi, and it tastes absolutely fantastic! And you want to know why it is called “Sol Kadhi”? Well, it’s because drinking it hits your soul (we’re just kidding… or are we?). The reason why we drink Sol Kadhi is because it acts as a digestive and helps with your gastrointestinal system. Plus, it’s really spicy and cool at the same time. The best part about Sol Kadhi is that it can even be had with rice if you don’t have any bhaji or meat curries. It’s a Goan delicacy you must give a try.

9. “Does Your Family Own A Beach Shack?”



Well, if they did, I wouldn’t be here talking to you! I’d be busy running the business, wouldn’t I? Yes, we all love Goan beach shacks, but they’re probably really expensive to run, thanks to the multiple tropical storms that the Goan coast faces. However, we have to admit that we Goans definitely adore visiting the beach and spending time there. If only we could actually purchase a beach shack there (sigh).

Goa is a beautiful state, and despite being the smallest state in India, it manages to draw so much attention to it, both nationally and internationally. While we love to hear about Goa and love the fact that we are from Goa, we don’t appreciate the ridiculous stereotypes about Goans. It’s always better to get to know a person for what they are and not what they are supposed to be because of their origins or culture. Every individual has a unique personality and we have to acknowledge that fact. Do tell us in the comment section below if you found any of these statements relatable!

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