11 Things You Didn’t Know About Everyday Objects

By Emaan Shah

Life is all about those small, simple pleasures.

And there probably isn’t anything more satisfying than discovering that the products you happen to use just about every day, well, their nooks and crannies actually have a purpose.

 Yes, blew my mind as well.

To think that the random little holes in your converse, or the mysterious little protrusions on your F and J keys, weren’t just a byproduct of aesthetics. They have an actual, honest to God function. And, all this time we’ve been going about our lives, absolutely clueless to all that potential. Oh, those lost opportunities! Dang it.

If you suffer from a severe case of FOMO (that’s fear of missing out for all you oldies out there) or maybe you’re just searching for a bit of wonder to lighten up your dreary, monotonous office day, then, welcome! Today, you’ve come to the good side of the Internet. Here, my friend, are eleven facts about your everyday items that I guarantee you’ve yet to discover.

1. The Mystery Of The Soda Can Tabs


If you happen to be a soda fanatic, then this one’s for you. The soda can tab actually has another surprising function. By turning the tab backwards, you can then place your drinking straw through the tab’s hole, thereby ensuring your straw stays comfortably in place for convenient slurping.

2. The Curious Case Of Converse Holes


See those two holes at the side of your converse? Well, they aren’t there to simply look pretty. They’re actually there for ventilation! Also, a lot of people believe that since these kicks were originally designed for basketball, players would loop their laces through these extra holes for a more snug fit.

3. The Baffling Affair Of Backpack Accessories


These days the markets are seemingly flooded with backpacks that have an intriguing pig-nose, diamond shaped symbol at the front. While most of us have dismissed it as just another fashion symbol, it actually happens to serve as an attachment for athletes to tie their extra pair of shoes onto!

4. The Secret Of The Spaghetti Strainer Hole


Conventionally, your spaghetti strainer is more commonly put to use separating those al dente noodles from scalding, hot boiling water. However, were you aware that the big, gaping hole at the center of your strainer has another purpose? Uh-huh. It’s also used as a measuring utensil! If you fill it with raw spaghetti noodles it would equal 1 serving!

5. The Tic Tac Conundrum


Having trouble extracting just one Tic Tac at a time? You’re not alone. In fact, the Tic Tac company actually recognized this problem beforehand and designed and included a handy little solution into their packaging. When you open a Tic Tac box, the back of the tab is indented, so that if you tilt the container at a certain angle, it will dispense only one perfectly minty Tic Tac.

6. The Confounding Case Of Car Headrests


Your car seat headrest isn’t only to nestle your weary head. Most people are unaware that if you happen to find yourself in an unfortunate event where you are trapped inside the car but desperately requiring to escape, you could use your headrest to do so! Wedge its metal tongs into your window and proceed to lightly crank it – the window will shatter.

7. The Padlock Key & Its Stupefying Hole


Ever noticed the tiny little hole at the bottom of your run-of-the-mill padlock? Well, we’ve finally cracked the mystery of its existence for you. Apparently, it’s used to help oil your lock if it happens to get rusty. It also serves to drain any potential fluid that might get into your lock.

8. The Styrofoam Lid Surprise


Whenever you go to Starbucks, your to-go coffee or drink always comes with one of those disposable lids. However, besides obviously preventing any spill that can damage both your vehicle and your clothing, the lids are also intended to be used as coasters. Isn’t that just neat?

9. The Gas Gauge Arrow Enigma


Ever noticed that tiny arrow immediately beside your gas gauge and, pulling a Newton, wondered why it is there? Apparently, it exists to indicate which side of your car possesses the gas cap. I know, apple to the head.

10. The Puzzle Of ‘F’ & ‘J’ Key Protrusions


Have you ever noticed those intriguing protrusions on the surface of your ‘F’ and ‘J’ keys on your laptop keyboard? Well, it isn’t a manufacturing defect. The bumps are actually designed to where your index fingers would ideally rest on a 10-finger keyboard, thereby helping you relocate the ‘home position’ without needing to glance away from your screen.

11. The Riddle Of The Cooking Pot Handle Hole


We all think we cracked the mystery surrounding the holes in our cooking pot handles. After all, it’s to hang them up, right? Err, not exactly. While that is an undeniably helpful function, the hole actually serves to hold your messy cooking spoon as you play chef!

There you have it, 11 facts about run-of-the-mill items that you were probably, neglectfully unaware of. Now that I’ve revealed the oh-so-many possibilities, go ahead my friend, the world is your oyster!

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