10 Awkward Yet Hilarious Things ALL Girls Do When Home Alone!

Written by Chandrama Deshmukh

To the world, we are the epitome of grace, elegance and poise. We keep our calm and prove ourselves as models of success in every sphere of life, every single day. But when the doors are closed and the world is shut out, we bring out a whole new side of ourselves that we know you’d be surprised. Our inner goddess transforms into a wild, fun-loving animal who just wants to let loose and have some fun uninhibited. Want to know what we girls do on a day home alone? Here are ten things you’ll find us doing pure flower power style!

1. Dance like there’s no tomorrow

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All we need is the kind of music we like to kick up our heels in the air and get grooving to that jazzy beat like there’s no tomorrow. Dancing is how we unwind after a long hard day at work. We watch ourselves in the mirror as we gyrate and even do a cute little waltz with our pets to celebrate being home alone.

2. Drool all over wardrobe

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We take all the clothes out, we put them back in, we make a mess and we clean it up. We even put our favorite dresses on to feel our sexiest best even though we’re going to spend the rest of the evening in our comfiest jammies. Heck, we even put our makeup on because being home alone is not a reason not to look good.

3. Eat, drink and make merry in bed

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This is the one time when we forget all about cleanliness and don’t care if there are crummies on our beds. It’s our house, it’s our room, and it’s our bed, so we do whatever we want to! In fact, one of our greatest pleasures is gulping down mouthful of delicious treats and patting our post-eating belly bumps fondly.

4. Get dirty

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If we get the weekend alone to ourselves, nothing is going to stop us from bidding a temporary adieu to our showers. Yes, we can be as messy as boys! And we couldn’t care less about being improper for a change. That’s just our way of cutting ourselves some slack. So buh-bye big smokey eyes and bold red lips, we’ll see you on Monday!

5. Stalk our friends in a not so creepy way

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We like to be in the loop of things, and a little bit of friendly stalking couldn’t hurt anyone. So as soon as we get the time to know what’s going on in the world, we power our laptops up, prop ourselves on our bed and put our stalking goggles on. From admiring the dress our best friend wore, to checking up on our worst enemies and even what our ex is up to, we do it all and then some!

6. Pamper our skin

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To look as beautiful we do all the week; we give our skin some much needed TLC on our home alone weekends. Out come those bright green masks for the face as well as henna and eggs for the hair. We arm all our ten hands (if we had them) with the necessary equipment to carry out our thorough beauty regime!

7. Cry along with our favorite rom-com

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A big tub of ice cream- check. Curl-up in a cozy blanket-check. Turn off the lights- check. Press play on the soppiest rom-com of all time- check. We go no holds barred on them tears as we watch Richard Gere chase Julia Roberts, down to her apartment to tell her how much he loves her! We even go desi sometimes and waste endless tissues on Kuch Kuch Hota Hai!

8. Flip our hair back and forth

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Say what you will, but us girls just love playing with our crowning glory, our beautiful, luscious locks that make us who we are. Out come the several scrunchies, hair clips and elaborate brushes we’ve bought to pay some loving attention to our lovely tresses. If we’re not feeling too lazy, we wrap that towel on our head and enjoy a relaxing hair spa.

9. Get out them old pair of jeans

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Nothing flatters us more than being able to fit into them old pair of jeans! We squeeze and squish our lovely curves into those skinnies, huffing and puffing as we do so but admiring our reflection in the mirror nonetheless because it was well worth the effort!

10. Prance in our birthday suits

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Or our favorite granny underwear! Nothing makes us feel more liberated as walking around in our house in what we’re most comfortable in, which is our skin. We cook like that, eat like that and even doze off like that just because we can (and also because it’s awesome till we stumble and fall accidentally on that little piece of string hanging from our clothes!)

Being alone at home is a privilege. And we ensure we make the most of it. Because all said and done, girls will be girls. They leave no opportunity to make the best out of the boring.

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