7 Thoughts That Have Probably Gone Through Your Head If You’ve Been To A Sleepover

By Niharika Nayak

Sleepovers have to be the best time of your school life. Are we right? From gossiping and fighting with our besties to having delicious snacks together, chatting and laughing till the sun came up, those were the days! The freedom to explore friendship and relationship with our closest pals were nothing short of magical. If that was not the case for some, you can still plan and have your fun as young adults. While those of us who have had super strict parents can probably not relate to this, there’re many of us who have had the privilege of crashing at our close friends’ place or simply having a girls’ night in with your pals. And while sleeping in a new place can be quite nerve-wracking, it’s all fun and games once you get comfortable with the situation. So here’s a few common thoughts that may have gone through your head if you’ve been to a sleepover or slept in a different place:

1. “When Will They Wake Up?”


We all know that feeling of being the first person at a sleepover to wake up. If you’re someone who is uncomfortable at sleepovers, then you know exactly what we are talking about. Nothing is more frustrating than the host of the sleepover being passed out. Rather than dealing with being the first to wake up, you probably pretend like you are fast asleep to save yourself from the boredom of scrolling through your phone till the host wakes up. Maybe you can create a ruckus to knock them out of their slumber or simply get some delicious food to act as an alarm, thanks to its smell.

2. “Can We Just Sleep Already?”


You hate to be the party pooper, but if you’re someone who values their sleep, then you know that you don’t mind being the first one at the party to pass out. However, if there are multiple people at the sleepover and they want to pull an all-nighter, you find yourself in the awkward position of telling them that you need to have your beauty sleep. Fret not, though, we bet there is at least one other person at the sleepover who is thinking of the same thing.

3. “I Should Not Have Eaten This Much Before Bedtime”


Another annoying thing about attending a sleepover is that you have to be very careful about what you eat. If this is the first time you are sleeping at your friend’s home, then you probably are super nervous about your stomach getting upset and probably don’t want your stomach gurgling to disturb the peace and sanctity of their bedroom. And what’s more, a full stomach would also mean that you have a hard time sleeping, and then you will be left scrolling through your phone while everyone else is passed out next to you.

4. “I Hope They Don’t Hear Me Flush”


Nothing is more embarrassing than when there is pin-drop silence at your sleepover, and the whole room can hear you flush. If you are new to the person’s house, we understand exactly why you don’t want them to listen to you flush in the middle of the night. If you’re someone who is shy when it comes to visiting a bathroom at your friend’s sleepover, we totally get you. But hey, it’s pretty normal among friends. Drop your inhibitions and loosen up a little bit.

5. “I Should Probably Change Position To Avoid Damaging My Hand”


This might come off as a specific point but it is very important. This thought is probably common if you are sharing the bed with your friends. Maybe one of them accidentally turned over and slept on your hand. Or maybe you slipped your hand under them and now feel trapped under the weight of their body. Well, as embarrassing as it is to wake someone up and ask them to move, it’s better than dealing with nerve damage or worse. So don’t feel ashamed to ask your friend to move and make space for you.

6. “I Should Have Asked For A Thicker Blanket”


You’ve probably seen tons of memes where people use pillowcases and cardboards as bed sheets because their friends forgot to give them blankets. Of course, we understand that sometimes our friends might have genuinely forgotten to give us a blanket. Or maybe they did not consider that you are more temperature-sensitive than the rest of them, which is why you need a thicker blanket. If your friend doesn’t have an extra blanket or if you know that a lot of people will be coming to the sleepover, it’s always a good idea to carry your own blanket (or maybe some extras).

7. “I Miss My Own Bed”


They say that you never know how much you love something until it is gone. No matter how much you may complain about the way your bed is shaped, the reality is that you cannot live without it. When you have a sleepover at someone’s house, you will miss your own bed and miss all the time you spent on it. Even if the mattress is the best quality and feels soft and bouncy, the comfort of your personal bed is unprecedented. You don’t have to worry too much about wrinkling sheets, or accidentally dropping food on them. Your bed is in the perfect position for you, and you probably feel like the mattress was molded to perfection for you.

Formalities are relatively less when you are having a sleepover at your bestie’s place. But you still gotta be careful about the surroundings. Don’t forget to clean up the after-party junk because after all, it’s not your own crib. However, be upfront and have all the fun to wear off the other problems in your life on the regular. Regardless of whose home you decide to sleep at, you know that it is only temporary and that you will find your way back to the comfort of your own bed. Even if you are super shy, don’t be afraid to ask the host to be more accommodating. Do let us know all of your thoughts in the comment section below!

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