11 Types of “Toxic” People Who Surely Poison Your Life

By Tanya Arora

If you just scroll through your Facebook friend list, you’ll discover that it is made up of widely different people. There will be some on this list that you’ll absolutely adore, some you haven’t poked in years and some you have blocked. Now that may be virtual but in real life too, you’re pretty much surrounded by the same variety. And amidst this variety, exist the toxic kind who do nothing but inject poison into your life. If you have these eleven kinds of toxic people in your life, you shouldn’t hesitate to show them the door.

1. The Critic


Bought a new dress and showed it off to all your friends? Well, there will be that one person who’ll tell you that such a dress can only look good on a person who is as skinny as you. It’s in the nature of the critic to use sarcasm or harsh remarks in their compliments to make a point. If you want to get back at the critic, speak to them in their own language and give them a backhanded compliment too. The moment they realize you can’t be messed with is when they will back off.

2. The Victim

Don’t you just hate it when that one person who hasn’t spoken to you in a while, calls you up and asks you for a favor? You don’t even know what’s going on in their lives and there they are at your doorstep, ready to take whatever they can borrow. These people always have a sob story to recite and are always in trouble. Stay away from them.

3. The Alarmist


The alarmist kind is quite unique. They love nothing more than chaos and creating panic for no apparent reason. In fact, they’ll present such scary scenarios to you that you won’t be able to help but doubt yourself and your judgment. They won’t let you have any peace of mind either. Which is why you should avoid them all the time, especially if you’re planning a vacation.

4. The Hypocrite

These pretenders will shower you with compliments the moment they see you but once your back is turned, it’s going to be a downpour of abuses. These hypocrites will never stop spreading lies about you and will make it a point to exaggerate every word they speak when it comes to you. Their agenda is to gain the favor of others and they will not stop trying, even if that means betraying you.

5. The Selfish


This kind needs no introduction. The selfish people in your life rely on your kindness and good nature and would never stop taking advantage of it. They’ll always try to be in your good books so that they can get favors out of you but will never return any. You should know that such people don’t care about you. They only care about themselves.

6. The Shadow

No doubt it’s too hard to let go of those who once were an integral part of your past and meant the world to you. But they’re not a part of your life anymore, and catching up with them may only lead to heartbreak. Move on instead and let these shadows go so you can embrace someone new with an open heart.

7. The Babbler


This kind might be the worst one on the list and it’ll usually turn out to be someone very close to you, like your partner for example. It’s in the nature of a babbler to offer a lot but deliver nothing. They will keep making one promise after the other but will never live up to them. If your partner turns out this way, it might be time to break it off.

8. The ‘That’s Who I Am’ Kind

Unfortunately, this kind too can enter your life in the form of your significant other. These kind of people are generally short-tempered, and only have one excuse for whatever they do – ‘That’s who I am. You can either accept it or not!’ You shouldn’t be around such people as they may never be willing to compromise and make things work.

9. The Touchy


Nasty ones to hang out with! Their intrinsic trait is that they will always remember that one tiny mistake you made years ago and hold it against you for the rest of theirs as well as your life. Even if you have apologized a gazillion times, you’ll still be made to feel guilty. You don’t need that!

10. The Envier

If you have something and they don’t, the enviers will let you know loud and clear how unfair that is. They’ll never stop complaining and will try to bring you down with them, causing constant emotional exhaustion. Chuck them out of your life!

11. The Cheater


They don’t care if you feel bad. For them cheating on you is pretty harmless and not even a big deal. And even if you get an apology from them, you can be sure it won’t be heartfelt. So never forgive them and let them go even if it hurts.

Avoiding all of these eleven different kinds of people will do you good. Not only will you be more at peace but you’ll also get the chance to be a better person yourself as your life would be free of negative influence.

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