10 Wardrobe Items That Instantly Make You More Attractive

Written by Chandrama Deshmukh

We’ve all been through the ‘I have nothing to wear!’ panic syndrome. It’s just another burden of being a woman and of course, fabulous. But do you find yourselves shrieking these very same words more often when your wallet’s a bit slimmer than when it’s full?

Who What Wear recently conducted a survey that revealed clothing items men found the most attractive on women. Now, now we can’t promise you’ll be cured forever, but the following items in your wardrobe may avert the panic from arising everyday to possibly… every other day (come on, let’s be real here). But what we definitely can promise is with these items (most of which already lie in that big ol’ closet of yours!) going out, girl you’re going to s-l-a-y.

Here are our top ten wardrobe items that will take you from cute to pure gorgeous in seconds (we apologize in advance for the rhymes.):

1. No Stress With A Little Black Dress

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There’s nothing more classic yet versatile than a little black dress aka the LBD. A must-have staple for every girl’s wardrobe; if you already haven’t got one then girl you’re missing out. The iconic little black dress could be your foundation for any look you’d like to pull. With a statement necklace and smoky eyes, you’re perfect for any occasion. Mix it up with a laid-back jacket and ray-bans, and you’re understated yet dressed to impress on your ‘casual’ date.

2. Look Simply Fly With Heels That Are High

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Every woman needs a pair of gorgeous high heels reserved for special occasions. A good pair of high heels can do miracles for your legs! They instantly elongate your stature, enhance that posture and give the illusion of longer, slimmer legs. And they make you look sexy as hell.

3. Lady In (Something) Red

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Forget the old something borrowed, something blue and instead, invest in possessing something red! Certain components of a woman’s ensemble can accentuate her sensuality like her scent or the color red. It could be a red scarf, coat or even a pair of pretty red heels. According to scientists, men are most attracted to women wearing red, even if it’s a simple dash of red lipstick.

4. Don’t Have A Care With Shoulders Bare

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There is nothing more alluring and enticing to a man than a pair of bare shoulders. Off-the-shoulder dresses and blouses instantly make you irresistible because they ooze a delicate femininity yet are subtly sensual. Baring simply your shoulders is an exceptionally sexy and feminine means of showing some skin and still being that irresistible mystery.

5. Bodycon Dress For You To Impress

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There is a tentative line between brimming with sensuality and looking out and out vulgar. The key, ladies, is not to reveal everything at once! A bodycon dress is that perfect solution. This tight, ultra sexy dress, will not require you to have a low neckline or tiny skirt. Instead, it will highlight all those lovely curves ensuring all eyes remain on you.

6. No Matter What Weather Have A Jacket Made Of Leather

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This is an ultra stunning yet quintessential, basic piece that belongs in every woman’s closet. Leather jackets have withstood the decades of endless fashion trends and yet never seem to go out of style. They’re timeless and give any outfit of yours an instant classic edginess. Pair them with that uber feminine dress for a striking contrast or simply roll out casual and rocker-chic with a pair of ripped jeans and a simple white tee.

7. Try To Keep The Pace With Some Lace

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It’s extremely difficult to think of a material as romantic yet versatile as a shot of lace detailing in your outfit. Lace elements can be immensely playful, sweet, flirty or even sexy depending upon the occasion you’re headed to and also your intention. Having simply a few bits of lace detailing can make any boring top, camisole, dress or even trousers instantly more interesting.

8. It’s Not Tactless If It’s Backless

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It’s supremely trendy. It’s ultra sexy. It’s the ultimate outfit to slay!

Tops and dresses that are backless are the perfect and most effortless way of reveling only a little bit of skin and keeping things classy while simultaneously winning hearts as you walk by.

9. Forever In Blue Jeans (And A White Tank Top)

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Sometimes old is gold. Why try to fix a duo as classic as blue denim and a white top, that ain’t broke and never will be! Even the staunchest of couture designers will agree that the timeless combination of a simple pair of jean and white tee can never be a faux pas. So don’t second guess yourself and rock this classic look that we know every girl has buried somewhere in her closet.

10. A Lady As Fair As One In Sportswear

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Now we know the last thing you’re feeling is sexy when you’re sweating in your workout clothes at the gym. But apparently, men find women exercising in sportswear extremely attractive.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and rummage your closet for these classic pieces we know are buried in there somewhere and create ensembles that will instantly make your boring old clothes gorgeous and you, the talk of the town!

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