10 Ways To Remove Negative Energy From Your Home

By Chandrama Deshmukh

The bad thing about negativity in your home is that you cannot see it, you can feel it. The good thing about this negativity is that you can easily eliminate it. Negativity in your home can ruin its peace, bring about disharmony, decrease your confidence, and even cause emotional turmoil. Needless to say, such negativity should be weeded out of your home so that you can live in peace, bliss, and harmony. And we’re here to show you just how you can eliminate negativity from your heavenly abode and make it a happy place to live in. Check them out below.

1. Clean Your House


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A cluttered and messy room can be uncomfortable. But a clean and organized room, on the other hand, can facilitate a feel-good feeling. Therefore, to eliminate negativity, it is vital that you keep every nook and cranny of your house as clean as possible. Vacuum each room, dust every piece of furniture, and make sure your kitchen is sparkling clean. Also, throw away all of the things you no longer have any use for.

2. Smudge Away

If you want to soothe your senses as well as banish negativity from your kingdom, try smudging your house. This ancient method has been proven to be very effective. Sage is a herb you can use to smudge your house. All you need to do is burn a bundle of sage and spread its incense all through your house. This will help convert the negative ions into positive ones. Plus, the scent of sage is quite soothing.

3. Rearrange Your Furniture


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The thing about negative energy is that it tends to cling on to objects. Hence, to get rid of it, changing the placement of your furniture can work. However, while moving your furniture around, make sure you keep your comfort and ease of accessibility in mind. Experimenting with the arrangement once a month is enough.

4. Let The Sun Shine

Fresh air and sunshine are like poison for the negative ions that float about in your home. Nature holds in itself positive energy that is quite overpowering. Open the doors and windows of your house as you wake up in the morning to let the early rays of the sun in. You could even sunbathe to reduce depression and anxiety and get your dose of Vitamin D.

5. Sprinkle Sea Salt


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Sea salt is imbued with positive vibes and can make your home a tranquil abode if you spray some on every corner of your house. You could add sea salt to water and spray it in the corners of your house, or you could just dust the salt in your entire room and vacuum it the next morning. You can even bathe in sea salt to feel energized.

6. Clap Loudly

Clapping can break up and disperse negative energy. This happens because the vibrations and sounds of clapping have a positive resonance that spreads instantly the moment you join your hands to clap. In fact, other loud sounds, such as thunderstorms, bells, and fireworks, can have the same effect. When you clap, though, make sure it’s a light and crisp clap instead of a heavy one.

7. Scatter Essential Oils

Whether you’re trying to clear out the negative energy from your home or your office, essential oils can work wonders. These oils can refresh your home too, and bring in positive energy at the same time. Plus, they are loaded with medicinal properties, which means they are a great way to make your home a happy and healthy one the natural way.

8. Plant Your Way


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Nature has plenty of remedies in store for negative energy, and plants and herbs just happen to be one of them. By bringing a bit of greenery into the bounds of your home, you can help yourself in forming a stronger connection with the outer world. Plants spruce up your home décor and maintain the oxygen supply as long as you keep them. Holy basil, bamboo, orchids, etc., are great options.

9. Decorate With Crystals

Crystals not only dispel negative energy, but also repel it and prevent it from re-entering your home. Moreover, they can help you combat negativity brought on by people. Placing them next to the entrance or the center of your house is ideal. Black tourmaline, smoky quartz, black onyx, apache tear, etc., are crystals you should consider.

10. Spread Saffron


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This one comes straight from Tibet, where, according to tradition, saffron can repel all sorts of evil energies. Drop a few strands of saffron near the entrance of your house during sunset to achieve the maximum effect. You can also make a concoction of saffron and water and sprinkle it all around your house to purify it.

You can use any one of these ways or a combination of them to bid adieu to the negativity enveloping your house. Even meditation and chanting regularly can work wonders. Try these methods and make your living space happy.

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