11 Weird Makeup Hacks For Women You’d Better Forget About

Written by Tanya Arora

What do you do every time you face a makeup-related problem? You don’t call your friends. You don’t ask the lady at the parlor. No. You turn to the Internet for a simple, quick and effective solution!

Unfortunately, the Internet is full of crazy hacks that may sound totally awesome but turn out to be total crap! We have gathered a list of eleven weird beauty hacks that you should never try even in your wildest dreams.

1. Use A Shot Glass To Plump Up Your Lips


This one has been doing the rounds lately and has seemed to become popular. The hack suggests putting your lips in a small shot glass and sucking in air to get that Angelina Jolie bee-stung look.

Effectiveness : It will make your lips appear swollen and red but at the cost of a potential bruise. Don’t try it. Your lips are great as they are.

2. Conceal Dark Circles With Your Lipstick


If you have raccoon eyes sans the kajal, this trick suggests that you apply lipstick under your eyes to cover it up.

Effectiveness : Well, the dark circles will disappear but you’ll end up with red tints under your eyes, which look particularly bad on the Indian skin tone. Skip this one.

3. Create Eyeliner Flicks With A Thread


Well, it doesn’t involve the use of an eyeliner but a mascara. What you have to do is apply mascara to a thin thread and then use the thread on the corner of your eyelids to create a flick.

Effectiveness : Well, as you can see, it’s a failure. The lines are neither equal nor straight and look bad.

4. Get A Symmetrically Contoured Nose With A Fork


This one even sounds absurd to begin with! You have to press the fork against your nose and draw contouring lines with the help of your tools to achieve smaller and prettier lines.

Effectiveness : This one does work, there’s no denying that. But since you can’t really see your nose, you may end up with a very pale color that can make you look comical.

5. Use Color Pencils To Line Your Eyes


This tip is quite cost-saving. You have to use ordinary color pencils and dab them in hot water for some time. The tip will soften, which you can then use to draw lines on your eyelids.

Effectiveness : You will get straight colorful lines no doubt, but they’ll dry off pretty quickly and then fall off in patches. Bottom line, it does not work.

6. Blush Your Cheeks With Beetroot


All you have to do is slice up a beetroot into two equal halves, and then rub each half on each of your cheeks. Your cheeks should be slightly wet when you do so.

Effectiveness : Your cheeks do get a red tint but it’s way too red and extremely bright, to be honest. Moreover, you can’t get rid of a beetroot stain from your face easily. Don’t do this one.

7. Shaving Foam As A Quick Face Scrub


To make the scrub, you have to mix a tablespoon of sugar with shaving foam. Put this mixture on your face, making sure you apply a thick layer.

Effectiveness : It’s ineffective. Period. It’s not going to work and you’ll end up with a foam tube entirely wasted. Buying a cheap scrub is way better than this!

8. Whiten Your Nails With Lemon Juice


The result of applying nail polish too frequently is yellow and darker nails. This hack suggests you whiten them by rubbing lemon juice on your nails with the help of a cotton pad and then wrapping them up with foil. You’re supposed to wait for 10-15 minutes.

Effectiveness : Peel the foil off and you’ll see that there’s no change in color whatsoever. Just doesn’t work.

9. Replace Loose Face Powder With Flour


Or even starch for that matter. Although it’s beyond us why anyone would want to do that! Being out of loose powder is no reason.

Effectiveness : It doesn’t give off the powder effect as it doesn’t blend in with your skin. You’ll just look ghostly white with this hack.

10. Use A Credit Card To Get Straight Flicks


Apart from a thread, you can also use credit cards to straight flicks on your eyelids. You just have to keep a card as a scale on your eyelids and draw.

Effectiveness : It’s useless. It’s very difficult to draw flicks this way and they always turn out uneven. They even look unnatural.

11. Get Straight Brows With Adhesive Tape

For those who can’t create a straight and nice brow-line with the help of makeup, you’re supposed to cut and paste strips of adhesive tape on the lower and upper portions of your brow as well as the sides.

Effectiveness : Your brows will look so straight, angular and artificial, you’d end up looking like a cartoon.

What’s common among each of the above eleven hacks is that they’re total failures and definitely not worth investing your time in. Spread the word and let your friends know that they should give these a miss.

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