What A Woman’s Sleeping Position Reveals About Her

Written by Tanya Arora

When it comes to a comfortable sleeping position, every woman is truly unique. While you may occupy very little of your bed and sleep on the side in a corner, your partner may do the spread eagle and make sure you definitely get knocked off the bed!

However, the purpose of your favorite sleeping position is not just to ensure you get a good nights rest. It’s a little bit more than that. The other super important purpose of your sleeping position is to reveal who you are. Yes, the way you sleep actually serves as a window to your soul and can reveal truths about your personality that you did not even know about!

Check out below what your sleeping position says about the woman you are:

1. Straight On Your Back


Only get sleep when you are straight in the soldier position? Well, sleeping on your back with arms on your side means that you have a rather reserved nature. You are mostly quiet and keep to yourself, shying away from crowds and preferring solitude over company. Interestingly, the soldier-like position also accords you with some soldier-like qualities such as seriousness and being well organized at all times.

Even though you are most comfortable in this position, the bad news is that sleeping this way can make you prone to snoring, which can consequently affect your overall quality of sleep. Nevertheless, this position is great if you want to prevent those aches and pains you get from sleeping awkwardly.

2. Like A Fetus


The fetal position can be described as sleeping on your side with knees pulled close to your chest. This posture is very common, and most women actually prefer sleeping this way. But what does this mean for your personality? Well, it shows that you are shy. Sensitivity is one of your core traits too and you often worry too much. In fact, you worry to such an extent that you are likely to end up over-thinking on a problem, making yourself miserable over it. However, you’ll never show that because you have a tough exterior. That said, you are a warm person with a strong conscience. You are also very organized.

3. Snooze On Your Tummy

3. Snooze On Your Tummy


This position is also known as a free-fall due to its close resemblance to the same. Your hands would typically be tucked under or wrapped around your pillow in this position. As for what it says about you, sleeping in this posture shows that you are a bold woman with a nervous side that you keep hidden all the time.

You are also somewhat sensitive to criticism and do not take kindly to it. And that’s not the only negative! Sleeping this way is pretty bad for your neck and back and can cause a lot of pain. You can prevent it by sleeping on a hard mattress and using a very thin pillow under your head.

4. The Hugger


The hugger is a classic position in which you sleep on one side hugging your pillow like a child. Sleeping this way is an indication you are the kind of woman who values every single relationship in her life. You are a trustworthy and reliable person and are very loyal to those you love.

However, you are also a people pleaser and try really hard to make sure that everyone is happy with you. This can take a toll on you though. You are open with others and make friends easily.

5. Side Sleeper Sans Pillow


There’s the hugger and then there’s the side sleeper who doesn’t use any pillow. What does this mean? It means you like to sleep on any of your sides without holding a pillow close to you but with your knees sticking out. This position shows that you have a calm personality and that you can be relied upon.

You are not the kind to get offended easily and neither do you scare easy, which means you don’t really worry about the future much. You possess the strength to smile even in the hardest circumstances and have a very adjusting nature.

6. The Heron Style


This basically means that you sleep with one of your legs up like a heron would. This posture hints that you are kind of unpredictable and pretty adventurous too! You always have wildly varying moods, which can confuse your near and dear ones. Decision-making is not your cup of tea and you’ll often consult others before settling on something. You seek peace and quiet as well as stability.

‘Hey, but I sleep in most of these positions depending on my mood!’ – that’s what you’re thinking, right? Well, that just means that you have a multifaceted personality and have sides that you yourself haven’t yet explored! For now, just revel in who you are.

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