What Does Your Eyeliner Style Say About You

By Shirin Mehdi

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. In that case, the eyeliner forms the drapes for those beautiful windows, giving a sneak peek into the soul. Too much philosophy? Well, the makeup you choose says a lot about you, and your eyeliner tops the list. So, the next time you frame your peepers, know that this is the story they are going to tell.

1. No Eyeliner

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You love minimalism, and that is quite apparent. You are also great with directions, owing to your observing skills. You would rather look around and take note of people and the place, when others are busy clicking away for social media. You are well-versed. But you don’t see a point in regular updates when it comes to social media, and you post only when you wish to make fun of something. You love to cook, and you cook well. But it doesn’t stop there! You tend to judge your contemporaries who can’t get their cooking basics right. You can be quite the agony aunt (acid) simply because you give honest advice, and you don’t mince words. You are the kind who believes in reading up summaries than watching the film, even if it has won an Oscar.

2. Only On The Bottom

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You don’t care! You dress for yourself, and what people think of you or your style doesn’t matter at all. That gives you quite the edge and confidence to pull off a look that others can’t. You speak your mind, tend to swear in public, but are mindful of what you say when there are elders or kids around. Your friends look up to you and beckon to you when they need tough love.

3. Single Line On Top

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Practical and serious, you don’t care much to indulge. You hardly drink, but when you do, you crack up the crowd (positively). You go out partying, but you don’t enjoy loud, crowded places where you can’t hear yourself think. You might enjoy dating online, but you prefer meeting people in flesh and blood. Your room is occasionally cluttered but never dirty. A three-day music festival is not something you look forward to, and it only spells one word – STRESS.

4. Filling The Inner Rims

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Your thoughts and feelings are bottled up, mainly because you don’t like to be around people; they tend to annoy you. But when you do like someone, you are passionate and intensely loyal. People look up to you for music advice, and your playlists are priceless. You would willingly go to a bar alone or take yourself on a date to a fancy restaurant. You love art, and your walls are likely to be filled with framed masterpieces, unlike your flatmate who, though you disapprove, still has posters up on her wall.

5. Filling The Outer Corners

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You take your career seriously, and you know what you want and how to achieve it. You are so determined that no one else can carry off that pencil skirt like you do. You know how to flirt. You tease, but are never over-the-top, and sometimes, this leaves you confused about your stand by the end of the date. You don’t understand contouring, and completely dismiss the women who make a career out of good looks. But you do admire how they make money without any qualifications. If you are late, you make sure you inform the person at the other end. This is commendable!

6. Cat Eye

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You are an amazing kisser. You also believe in your signature perfume, and often get compliments on how good you smell. You tend to give out a lot about yourself on that first drunken date, and you often regret it the next morning. You have a soft spot for women with kitten heels and men with well-kept facial hair. When complimented on your dressing and quizzed about its origins, you beautifully tackle it without giving out the real answer.

7. Exaggerated Cat Eye

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You know you are intriguing, and you look around and make eye contact with the most intriguing person around you. Most people assume you are mean and haughty, even before they get to know you. You are creative, and usually come up with ideas that are wild, but will work. In your early days, you spent a whole lot on dressing up and looking good. Now, you still love the finer things in life, but you look for coupons and sales, anything that will save you some money – and you don’t mind admitting it.

8. Bright Line

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You are the kind who would much rather hold hands on a first date than make out. Having said that, a peck before you say good night is an exception you happily make. When it comes to style advice, you are the go-to person. Quite often, strangers come to you seeking life advice. You are prudent, but you love to shop – buying anything that is not black or white. You hate to settle down. Moving and exploring is totally your thing. Your favorite flavor of ice cream – a green mint chocolate chip!

9. Thick And Smudged

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Quite the socialist, you go to a whole lot of shows, mostly because you know someone in every band that’s playing in town. You love old jeans, and at any given time, there is probably one pair of denims in your wardrobe that is more than a decade old. Whiskey gingers and draft beer are your kind of night out. You secretly love your cuddles. You know your town extremely well. You hate high fives but love those comfortable boxers. Whatever is Victoria’s Secret?

10. A Gap Between The Liner And Lashes

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Well, it’s awkward, but you used your time to learn better things, like rolling sushi or creating a graphic novel about some fairytale creature rather than learning how to perfect that eyeliner. You don’t trip on alcohol, but you could overdose on expresso. You could look amazing in a lob or a bob, but you would never know, ’cause you probably haven’t been to a hairdresser in ages.

Don’t you ever take your eyeliner lightly again!

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