Your Head Line May Reveal How Your Mind Works!

Written by Chandrama Deshmukh

Palmistry is an ancient art of divination. The little creases on our hands are not merely wrinkles, but these lines can tell our future. For centuries, palmists or palm readers have examined the lines of the human palm in order to foretell the destiny of those who volunteer. In fact, many people faithfully rely on these readings when it comes to business, love matters, and taking important life decisions.

However, did you know that the lines on your palms could give insight into not only your future but your personality as well? That’s right! There are four major lines in your palm to study: the heart line, the head line, the life line, and the fate line.

Today we are going to talk about the head line which is also called the wisdom line. Although it does not tell you how intelligent you are, nevertheless, it does give you an insight into how your mind works. Certain personality traits are attached to the kind of head line one has. Though these are not the definite factors that build a personality, it surely gives us a little sneak peek into the mind of the person. It shows us the person’s communication style, learning ability, insight, and the way he or she thinks overall.

There are so many factors regarding the head line that determine what kind of a person you are, such as the length, the bending degrees of the head line, and how close the line is to other important lines of your palm.

Another important factor is the way the head line branches off at the end or at which mount of your palm it ends. Read on to see under which category you fall under!

1. It Branches Off In A Small Line At The End

This means that you are highly proficient, sympathetic, and dreamy. You love spending time in the beautiful outdoors and work on your thoughts and dreams. Quite often this reverie of yours bears fruitful and creative results. But sometimes you might just end up being on a flight of fantasy and that may be all.

You are considerate in your actions. You don’t necessarily like to be the center of attention but instead you see to it that the people surrounding you get an equal chance to shine. Nonetheless, you never compromise on who you are and stay true to your original self. You can be a very good listener and can have deep conversations with people. This little branch at the end of the head line also makes you a romantic.

2. A Long Line Branches Off From The Middle Of The Head Line

“Survival of the fittest” is your motto and adapting to any kind of situation is your strong point. This gives you the ability to deal with different kinds of people and situations, which gives you an edge over the others thus giving you the confidence to find your way through difficult situations. You can communicate with various kinds of people and hence you can shine through all types of social surroundings.

This does not mean that you compromise on your own thoughts and principles, but you do possess the art of letting go once in a while and relaxing. This attribute of yours keeps you away from unwanted drama most of the time! People like being around you not because you adjust, but because you make them feel relaxed and comfortable in your company.

3. Head Line Runs Up To The Mount Of Mars

This upward journey of the head line towards the mount of mars shows that you are possessive and restless. You constantly want to know what the other people around you are doing. Additionally, you always want to be included in all sorts of conversations and like to be the center of attention all the time! When denied of these things, you easily become anxious and impatient.

The secret is to breathe and relax. Enjoying one’s own company once in a while can be quite fun and fruitful too. This will give you time with yourself and help you in using the logical thinking that you are blessed with.

4. Head Line Runs Up To The Mount Of Mercury

This means that you are ambitious and adventurous. You are good at making money and matters that involve money. You are quick-witted and have a clearer vision than most others around you. You are straightforward and do not respond well to flattery. You have a strong personality and have your own opinion on almost everything.

However, your acumen in money matters can be misread as being greedy. Sometimes, your frank attitude as well can hamper your relationships with others.

Remember, these are only a guide to know how your mind works and are definitely not the thumb rules to go by. These tips can certainly reveal the personality type of an individual and his or her thought process. However, it does not reveal the thoughts of the person!

So, you cannot just predict someone’s behavior based on these things; be it your boss, your relative or a friend. And ladies and gentlemen, don’t delude yourselves into thinking you’ve finally discovered a way to discern the opposite gender’s mind when it comes to matters of the heart. It takes a lot more than palm lines to know that!

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