The Way You Hug Your Partner Says A Lot About Your Personality

Written by Chandrama Deshmukh

Were you aware that the way you hug that special someone in your life can speak volumes about who you are as a person? Now, we know this claim can sound somewhat bizarre initially. After all, doesn’t everybody hug somewhat the same? Yet, if you pay closer scrutiny – which, coincidentally, we sure did – hugs can actually take several distinctly different forms.

Some individuals may choose to stare right into their better half’s eyes as they hug, while others may plant their hands in their partner’s pockets. As absurd as it may sound, these subtle maneuvers can be quite enlightening regarding your personality.

Feeling curious? Read on to discover a few of these distinct behaviors and what they could mean for you.

1. The Back Hug With The Arms Around The Waist


Does your go-to hug every time you sight your partner involve you surprising them from behind and placing your hands around their waist while you rest your head in the nook of their shoulders? Well, this signifies that you have great gentleness and kindness in your soul that not a lot of people could hope to match.

Your body language reveals that you are comfortable exhibiting your emotions and happen to be a tactile personality. You gain pleasure and happiness through touch, which is why you are usually the first and rather eager one to engage the embrace.

2. The Hand-In-The-Pocket Hug


While embracing your significant other, do your hands more often end up in his or her pockets than not? This signifies that you have a secret, mischievous side to your personality that only the people who love you are aware of. While most of the society may consider you a rather serious and responsible person at face value, you actually possess a laid-back, naughtier side that you don’t reveal easily – hence, the hidden-from-the-view hand on your partner’s derriere!

3. The Patting-On-The-Back Hug

If you often happen to hug your partner while simultaneously patting them on their back, there is no doubt in our minds – you are a nurturer! You have an inherent mothering nature that always desires to soothe and care for the loved ones around you – as subconsciously indicated in your need to pat.

4. Hugging While Staring Into Your Partner’s Eyes


It is said the eyes are the windows to our soul, and if your go-to hug with that special someone in your life involves an inevitable staring into their soul while allowing them to freely peek into yours, it indicates that you aren’t insecure about your emotions and possess a ‘what you see is what you get’ type of personality. You don’t usually harbor secrets and crave a deeper connection with the people in your life, which may be why you have fewer friends, but each of them shares a deep bond with you.

5. Embracing With An Arm Around Your Partner’s Shoulders


If your go-to hug with your partner usually ends up with you prolonging the contact by walking about with your hands placed around his or her shoulders, it reveals that you have a possessive nature. You feel a distinct need to mark your territory and let people know what or, more correctly, who belongs to you.

6. Hugging From Behind… But Awkwardly

If you usually engage in embraces that involve you hugging your partner from behind, but with awkward maneuvers such as wrapping your arms in such a way that imprisons theirs, you most probably have a controlling personality. You subconsciously enjoy a need for power and also perhaps have difficulty expressing your emotions.

 7. Hugging Without Making Much Physical Contact

This really depends on the location of your embrace. If you usually end up by distancing your body from your partner each time you engage in a hug while in public despite being in a loving and committed relationship, this could indicate a shy and conservative personality. You are traditional in your views, which is compounded by the fact that you can acutely sense and are, in fact, bothered by society’s opinions.

If, on the other hand, you engage in this sort of a hug while alone with your partner, it could mean several possible things. Either your emotional relationship with your partner has ended, but you possess a personality that refuses to end things. Alternatively, if you and your partner have just begun your relationship, it may reflect an inhibited personality that isn’t comfortable with expressing emotions.

8. The Straddle Hug


If your go-to hug when you meet your partner usually ends up with you embracing them tightly with your legs locked around their waist, then, wow, aren’t you a passionate one! Uninhibited and fierce, you live life to the fullest without a fear of the future or opinions. You are tremendously in sync with your emotional needs and aren’t afraid to give in to them. You live in the now and feel everything to the fullest, which is why you can also get angry easily.

Now you know just what your go-to hugging style can reveal about your quirks and traits. Did we guess right? Let us know in the comments sections below!

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