What You See First In This Picture Reveals Your Subconscious Fear!

By Emaan Shah

What is your biggest fear?

Moving to a different city, having a stranger following you down a deserted, dark alley or a giant lizard crawling down your bedroom wall?

When it comes to nightmares, we all have our fair share of them. The only question remains is whether we recognize just what we’re exactly afraid of.

Say you claim to be afraid of love. Not that we blame you, but is it the actual emotion that terrorizes you or the potential heartbreak that actually haunts you?

True, the trepidations that linger in your subconscious can be rather tricky to reveal. However, have no fear! (Pun intended.) We at StyleCraze are here to unveil your innermost terrors, that are yet undisclosed to you, through an oh-so-simple test, which will have you collecting your jaw from the floor- For real.

Follow the instructions and prepare to have your mind blown!

The Vladimir Kush Test


Caution: Do not take a peek yet!

For the purpose of this test, we will be utilizing a beautiful piece of art. Once you scroll down, you will find a painting created by Vladimir Kush, a famous Russian surrealist painter, and sculptor based in Moscow.

This particular piece of art painted in 1978, is a deceptive painting where Kush weaves ambiguous scenes with optical illusions that can actually have multiple meanings.

All you require to do for this test is be absolutely and 100% honest with yourself. Once you finally scroll down to the image note down just what it is that you happened to visualize first. Since this is a test, we can’t reveal the images in the painting yet. However, the first concept you see through the illusion can give great insight as to your biggest fear.

All right, you’re good to go now. Take a look!

Vladimir Kush [vladimirkush.com]

The Results 

We sincerely hope you were absolutely honest with what you saw first. Remember, the only person you’re cheating here is yourself. But enough dramatic talk, here’s what you’ve been waiting for: your deepest, darkest subconscious fear!

1. If You Saw The KNIFE First, Your Hidden Fear Is:


Happened to notice that brutally cold, sharp knife first? Then your subconscious nightmare is the fear of suffering a terminal illness that develops without your knowledge and leaves you helpless and crippled. The thought of succumbing to an incurable or fatal disease is what you dread the most in the world.

Whenever you hear the emergence of a new epidemic or life threatening illness, your hands get clammy and your heart pounds irrationally. You frequently interpret a headache for a stroke or the tightening of your chest as an imminent heart attack! Words like cancer, HIV and AIDS never fail to make you uncomfortable.

Your fear could spring from having seen a loved one fight a medical condition or it could have simply manifested from learning about a particular incurable disease during your childhood.

2. If You Saw The CATERPILLAR First, Your Hidden Fear Is:


If it was the caterpillar that you immediately happened to see in the Vladimir Kush’s painting revealed to you, then your darkest fear is the supernatural. You are subconsciously terrorized by paranormal activity and the thought of supernatural beings such as spirits, demons and ghosts!

It is possible that you claim not to be bothered by superstitions or the dark yet you also consciously avoid watching horror movies and creaking tiles or sudden, cold drafts in your room constantly put you on the edge.

3. If You Saw The BUTTERFLY First, Your Hidden Fear Is:


If you were able to conceptualize the butterfly first then your greatest hidden fear is a very human one- betrayal. Ex lovers, friends and even family members may have accused you of having difficulty fully trusting people in the past. When the people in your life fail to meet your expectations or mistakenly cause you harm, despite how your loved ones defend them, your immediate first instinct, is that this person’s actions were deliberately against you. There’s no simple way to say this, the thought of disloyal friends or an unfaithful partner make your blood run cold.

4. If You Saw The APPLE First, Your Hidden Fear Is:


If it is the apple that first caught your eye, then your ultimate hidden fear is the death of a loved one. This could have possibly been triggered by the sudden or untimely demise of somebody who happened to be very close to your heart, and till this date, the agony of that experience still haunts your mind. While it is natural to be afraid of losing a family member or friend, for you, however, the thought is unbearable and can evoke actual terror.

Were you amazed? We sure were. Let us know just what your subconscious revealed in the comments down below!

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