This Is What Your Handwriting Says About Your Personality

By Rachana C

When you pick that pen up and start jotting down notes, what do you think about those words? They aren’t just a series of words arranged in a meaningful manner. In fact, as the Center for Scientific Handwriting Analysis Training and Research says, everything that happens in the mind manifests in the form of your handwriting and hence, it is an excellent tool to figure out a person’s personality. Handwriting analysts do exactly that – figuring out the personality, mood, temperament, insecurities, intellect, emotions, etc. of a person by scrutinizing the style of writing. Are you tempted to know what your handwriting says about your personality? Read on to know what your Os and Is are saying about your state of mind.

1. Size Of The Letters

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Let us begin with what it means if your letters are big, small or somewhere in between. If you prefer your letters to be big and definite, this says that you are someone who likes to steal all the limelight. Also, that size of the letters signifies that you are a straightforward person who says things frankly rather than beating around the bush. Plus, it means that you are a broad-minded person and can think of situations in various dimensions rather than being closed and judgmental.

However, if you like writing small and tiny letters, it means that your perspectives and opinions are very narrow, which is, in a way, good because it helps you focus and concentrate more. There aren’t many things going on in your mind, which can limit your horizons, but will make it easy for you to stick to the point without distractions.

And, if your letters are neither too big nor too small, then you are just like those letters – easy-going, adjusting, and flexible.

2. The Pressure You Apply While Writing

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While that was about the size, this is about the pressure. If you are one of those who writes in such a way that the ink can seep through a minimum of five pages, that is to say, that if you apply a lot of pressure while writing, it indicates that you are an emotional person. It shows that you take things seriously, and when you commit to something, you give your complete attention to it. Another aspect of yours that this pressure reveals is that you find it hard to accept negative feedback from people.

On the contrary, if you prefer keeping it light and do not apply too much pressure, it says that you are sensitive and emotional. However, you can’t express it, and moreover, the empathy doesn’t come from deep within because you prefer keeping things simple and less intense.

3. The Direction Your Letters Tilt In

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Do you have the habit of writing your sentences with a slant? Or, do you like keeping matters straight? Well, if you tend to tilt your letters in the right direction, then it means that you make friends easily and welcome new things in life with an open mind. Also, it shows that you tend to have mood swings. However, if the slant is towards the left, it is indicative of your introverted personality. Although you like being closed and secretive, you subtly show some amount of rebellion in your nature, which is unlike the typical introverts. Or, maybe keeping to yourself is the form in which you express your rebellion against something! And, if your letters don’t swing that way or this, it is pretty much like the way you behave – stable, logical, rational, and balanced.

Since we are talking about the direction of your letters, let me tell you, the directions your sentences go in also reveal some aspects of your personality. For instance, if your sentences start at a place and go down by the time you finish that line, it means that you are tired from within and lack a sense of enthusiasm in life. Likewise, if it goes upwards, it means that your mood is elated at that moment, and you are ambitious about the future. Unlike that, if your sentences go on a roller coaster, it could mean that you lack that emotional anchor that can keep you stable in life.

4. How You Write These Specific Letters

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The letters t, o, i, e and l are the top favorites of analysts. Why? Because the way you write them, specifically in the lower case, instantly gives away information about what you are. Suppose, your t has that cross high up, it quite literally means that you look up to yourself and respect yourself for what you are. If that cross glides downwards, it shows the lack of belief in yourself and indicates that you prefer having goals that are beneath your potential. And those dots above your i, if it is a simple plain dot, you too are of that mindset – simple, no-nonsense, and chaos-free. If the dots look anything like a frisbee or an almost full moon with the circle incomplete, it shows you are high-spirited and fun-loving.

5. Spacing And Connectivity

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Look for a notebook of yours and check how you space your letters and words when you write. If you find that you leave some gaps between words and letters, it means that you are more organized and planned. You like arranging everything systematically and meticulously. However, if your letters and words are just flying solo with not much connectivity, it indicates that you believe in premonitions and hunches rather than being excessively rational or pragmatic. Also, if you leave a lot of space, it shows your need for space and freedom. If everything is orderly and just the right amount of space is present, it shows that you have a calm and balanced nature.

So, how do you cross your Ts and dot your Is? Do you just relate to everything because you hop from one style to the other? Yes, that is possible too because your handwriting varies from time to time. Sometimes, there’s a slant, and often, there might not be one. This is because your writing changes with the shifts in your moods and perspectives. If you can find out a person’s fears, desires, and even his sexual drive at that point, you can know everything about him. You don’t believe me, do you? Check it out yourself. And do let me know which traits and aspects of your personality you could see in your strokes, spacing, and style of writing.

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Mind you, if you haven’t seen any specific pattern or see regular shifts in the patterns and alignment of the handwriting – it’s a lie!

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