Here Is What Your Nail Polish Color Says About Your Personality!

Written by Shamita Dhingra

We, women, love to dress up as per our mood, occasion, space, people, liking, weather, purpose and what not!

And it is a big part of our day to day lives, to complement our looks according to our dressing, hairstyle, accessories and very importantly matching nail polish.

Nail polishes are great to pair up with our dresses. They add so much color and zing. They are trendy, have great designs and are easily removable. In fact, it is considered a must for all the fashion enthusiasts.

You might think that nail polish is only a color to add to our sartorial choices, but it also tells us a little more about ourselves. Are you surprised?

Well, the thing is, we may pick different shades as per our dress, but there must be a color or two which makes your favorite pick and can always be found on your dressing table.

Think about one nail color that you can’t do without, and we can tell something more about you. Read on to find out if that’s true for your personality.

1. Pink

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It is the classic feminine color that denotes you being a very happy-go-lucky, amiable, and a joyous individual. You have the qualities of being a caring and nurturing person, who is sensitive towards others.

2. Red

2. Red

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You possess an intense, passionate and a cordial personality. Sometimes you can fly into a rage because of your volatility, but you are a go-getter who knows to follow her dreams.

3. Orange

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Just like the early sun, you are full of positivity and fresh energy. You are an eternal optimist who likes to see the brighter side of everything and everyone.

4. Natural Or Nudes

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By not confirming to any outside shade, you show your streak of independence. You value your individuality and don’t give in to vanity or show-off. It is easy to maintain and goes with everything, just like you. So, you are highly adaptable and easy, who can be everyone’s friend and support, including your own.

5. White

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Your personality radiates purity and innocence. You are also a straight thinker who thinks with clear logic. You like things to be organized and also prefer to live your life in a practical, sensible manner.

6. Grey

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It is an uncommon choice, that shows that you like to be a non-conformist. You like to experiment with your looks as per your choice, and so you also could find yourself being a bit of a loner.

7. Black

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If you prefer black, you could be an introvert or a private person, who likes to keep certain things to herself. It has a certain gravity and depth about it that draws intelligent and intellectual company towards itself. That is why it is a hot favorite among people with artistic pursuits. However, you must remember to keep your nails trimmed and the coating fresh and glossy, to keep up the magic.

8. Purple

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This color is attributed to being royal and majestic. Surely, you must be the kind who likes applause and attention. There is also a side of yours that is spiritually inclined, but that doesn’t mean you are the overtly religious types. You are also dreamy and imaginative.

9. Blue

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Blue is also a regal shade. You are quite friendly and loyal. You value your commitments and honesty a lot. You are a person, who likes balance and tranquillity around. In a heated or tensed situation, you can be the leader who directs things with reason and logic.

10. Green

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You are someone who has a great sense of balance, with yourself and the nature around you. You are a likable person, with a streak of independence. You like to be free spirited.

11. Yellow

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This is another buoyant color that represents happiness and cheer. You are full of positivity and welcome new opportunities with open arms.

12. Brown

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Brown is the color of the earth, so you must be a person who is humble, easy and down-to-earth. You are a bit reserved and take some time before you let your guard down and welcome someone new into your life.

13. Metallic Colors Like Golden Or Silver

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Metallic colors are great to capture the attention of people around you. So, if you prefer metallic colors, you like to be the center of attention. In the case of gold, people are drawn to your attractive persona, whereas silver polish suggests a rebellious side to your personality.

That was an interesting analysis behind the choice that you make to pick your favorite nail color. Though it is not an accurate science, but it deals with the psychology behind the colored preferences of people. Of course, there are other contributing factors like aesthetics, skin tone, wardrobe, etc. but giving a speck of attention to your personality adds a lot of fun. Isn’t it?

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