9 Things You Can Relate To If You Have Ever Had A Crush On Your Brother’s Friend

By Niharika Nayak

Remember how Ross was totally chill with the idea of dating his sister’s best friend but lost his mind when his best friend, Chandler, started dating Monica? Interestingly enough, pop culture and plenty of shows like Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother talk about how dating your best friend’s sister is a huge no-no. In fact, some men even see it as breaking the ever-so-important bro-code. It’s pretty much a risky business to get into. However, despite all odds, you may find yourself developing a slight crush on your brother’s BFF. So if you’ve ever had a crush on your brother’s BFF or if you currently have a crush on him, here are nine things that you can probably relate to:

1. The Brother Cannot Find Out!


You know that it’s game over if your brother ever finds out that you have a crush on his friend. Of course, you understand that it’s because he’s protective of you and doesn’t want you to get hurt, but you know that he can go overboard sometimes. Plus, you never know how your brother will react. Maybe he’ll freak out? Or perhaps he’s going to be super happy and start planning the wedding. Honestly, you probably don’t want to take the risk and find out. Unless, you have all the faith in his open-mindedness.

2. But He Is Also The Best Source Of Information


You also understand that extracting information about your crush from your brother is highly crucial, and you try your hardest to do so without letting him in on your true feelings. Plus, getting information from him will save you the hassle of stalking your crush online. The adrenaline rush you get knowing that your brother doesn’t know about your little secret is unmatched. Try not to expose yourself though, brothers know you too well so be discreet.

3. He’s Not That Into You… Or Is He?


The actual dilemma lies in the amount of guesswork you have to put into whether your crush likes you back or if he’s just being nice to you because you’re his best friend’s sister. Figuring out whether he likes you or not is as complicated as trying to solve an algebra equation, and you might end up going around in circles rather than actually solving anything. Well, the first answer to this question is to find out if he is already taken. If that path gives you a green signal, start judging if he is trying to hit on you or just being nice to you. Consult your bestie squad as last resort!

4. “No, I Am Not Going To Call Him Bhaiyya”


You dread that awkward moment where your mother expects you to refer to your brother’s friend as bhaiyya. It’s also embarrassing because if you refuse to do so, your entire family will be in the know about your crush, and you will end up being teased mercilessly by the rest of your family. And who knows, soon your crush might also find out about your affection for him.

5. You’ve Mastered The Art Of Subtle Flirting


You know that outright flirting with your crush in front of your brother would be totally inappropriate, but a little subtle flirting wouldn’t be too much. You’ve probably mastered the art of subtly flirting with your brother’s friend without making it too obvious. It’s even more fun when you see him return your attention and flirt back. Might be the beginning of something new and unexpected, you never know!

6. You Keep Trying To Third Wheel


If your brother, you, and his friend are BFFs, then you probably end up spending a lot of your time with your brother and his friend. From family gatherings to fun trips and more, you’ll get to have two fun men by your side, and this pretty much guarantees that you’ll never have a dull moment. This is a good way to ease into the conversation without sounding weird. He will get to know your personality and thankfully not put you in the “little sis” or “friend” zone.

7. Your Brother Will Always Pick Your Side


One of the best perks of dating your brother’s BFF is that your brother will always side with you during a fight. If you have an older brother, you know that his protective nature will shine through, and he will rush to your defense if your crush says anything wrong. He will also end up playing the middleman and helping you two resolve any fights that you may have. You know that no matter what happens, your brother will be on your team.

8. “Whoops, I Forgot Something In Your Room”


You’ll make absolutely any excuse to spend time in your brother’s room and chill with him when your crush is over. Although you probably hate entering your brother’s room and avoid it at all costs on a regular basis, when your crush is around, you will make it a point to enter his room and spy on them. Hopefully, your brother won’t catch on to your tricks and spill the beans to him. Try not to look too intimidating.

9. “Is This Seat Taken?”


When you find out your crush is staying over for dinner, you make it a point to grab the seat at the dinner table that is right next to him. And hey, we don’t blame you. We’ve all been in that situation whether it’s a school trip or a chill road trip. Not only will you want to sit next to your crush, but make sure he gets the hints about you calling dibs.

Remember, there is no harm in flirting, but don’t come off as a cheeser who won’t back out. We’re sure you understand the vibes. In the end, whether it is an innocent crush or outright infatuation, you know that the feeling takes your breath away and makes you feel super excited to meet your crush. Whether he likes you or not, there is no harm in testing the waters. If he doesn’t, well there will be more opportunities girl, trust us. Do tell us if you can relate to any of these things in the comments below. Have you ever had a crush on your brother’s friend?

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