There Are Only 5 Types Of Personalities In The Entire World! Which One Are You?

By Tanya Arora

As humans, we may come in different shapes, sizes and colors but there is something about us that binds us in clusters and keeps us together like wolves in a pack. You might claim it’s religion, culture, or ethnicity but in this globalised world what truly draws one of us to the other are our personality types.

Yes, each of us is a truly unique individual with our very own characteristics and quirks, but we can still be loosely categorized into any one of the 5 major personality types! Or at least, that’s what psychologists say. And even though most of us will possess dominant traits of a single personality, it is possible to have traits of other types as well.

Curious to know which personality type you have? Well, check them out below!

1. The Extroverted Type


These are your classic social butterflies! People who have this personality type are generally very outgoing, excited, social, talkative and even rather assertive. So if you fall into this type, it means that you love meeting people and also enjoy being the center of attention to a great extent. Here are the key traits of an extrovert:

  • Loves being the center of attention.
  • Enjoys striking up a conversation.
  • Likes meeting new people.
  • Has a large social circle that is made up of both friends and acquaintances.
  • Makes friends easily.
  • Gets an energy boost when surrounded by people.
  • Tends to speak before thinking.

The extrovert is quite a colorful personality, and quite the opposite of the introvert who would rather be alone. In contrast, the introverts also dislike social gatherings and are not the best conversation starters. Additionally, they also always think before they speak and don’t like being the center of attention.

2. The Agreeable Type


You can call it the watered down version of an extrovert but that would be a gross oversimplification. People who belong to this personality type are quite trustworthy and even altruistic. They have kindness and affection ingrained deep within them and are quite cooperative too. Here are the key traits of this personality type:

  • Takes a lot of interest in other people.
  • Genuinely cares about people.
  • Has a strong sense of empathy and concern.
  • Loves helping people and making them happy.

On the other end of this spectrum lies the ‘disagreeable kind’. They are the opposite of the agreeable and are quite manipulative and competitive. Neither do they care for others, nor do they take interest in people. In fact, they can be quite rude.

3. The Conscientious Type


The conscientious type is unlike any other. They are quite thoughtful and are extremely good at controlling their impulses. They are goal-oriented too and it’s not uncommon to find them working towards something or the other. They pay attention to detail and are organized. Here are the key traits of this personality type:

  • Spends ample time planning.
  • Prioritizes and completes crucial tasks first.
  • Pays attention to the smallest of details.
  • Always follows a set timetable.

Those who are opposite to this personality type are kind of chaotic. They don’t ever follow a schedule, are messy and have a procrastinating nature.

4. The Neurotic Type


Blue must be the favorite color of the neurotic types as they are often hit by the blues and have a sad and moody nature. They are emotionally unstable and experience sadness, anxiousness and annoyance to a great degree. Here are the key traits of this personality type:

  • Is always stressed out.
  • Constantly worries about something or the other.
  • Is easy to upset.
  • Has wildly varying mood swings.
  • Is anxious all the time.

The neurotic types are quite the gloomy ones. Their opposites though are emotionally stable and adept at handling stressful situations. They are also happy-go-lucky and rarely experience the feeling of sadness. They are calm and composed and tend not to worry too much.

5. The Open Type


Had that one friend who’d jump at every opportunity? Then he or she has an open personality type. Individuals with this type are imaginative and possess insight. They have a wide range of interests and are the adventure-loving, adrenaline junkies. Here are the key traits of this personality type:

  • Has a highly creative mind.
  • Is always ready to try new things.
  • Open to taking up new challenges.
  • Mostly lost deep in thought.

The opposite type of these abstract thinkers usually prefer stability and can’t stand the thought of change. They never try out anything new and are not very creative either. Moreover, they also dislike pondering too much over the abstract.

So what do you think? Which personality type are you? No matter which side of the fence you lean, you will find yourself to be a mixture of traits from the different personality types. So, treat this as fun and be sure to share it with your friends!

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