9 Reasons Why Women Should Not Give Up Their Professional Careers After Marriage

Written by Niharika Nayak

The unfortunate reality of this country is that many times, women who have promising and budding careers have to leave or take a break from them once they get married. That usually happens if the family members don’t support her and expect her to rather stay at home to take care of the house chores. Even if they have no intention of giving up their careers, they often feel pressured by their in-laws, partners, or even by society. This is especially true after they have children. Many people are still under the impression that when a woman chooses to work, her family will suffer, but we are here to tell you this is entirely untrue. Yes, being a homemaker is not an easy job, but the truth is that being a working woman and managing the household is a lot more challenging. Besides minding the responsibilities at home, working women have to also meet deadlines and fulfill commitments. So for all the people who believe that women should give up their promising careers after marriage, here are nine reasons why they should not::

1. Financial Independence

Financial Independence


Financial independence is one of the most critical factors as to why a woman should continue working even after marriage. No matter how incredible and supportive your partner may be, having a sense of your own finances can be super beneficial if things don’t go as planned. You never know when a day might come where your partner loses his job or even loses his life in a worst-case scenario. Earning for yourself is one of the most liberating perspectives and allows you a sense of financial stability that you cannot achieve otherwise. Many women feel a sense of guilt when they ask their partners for money, and earning their own money will negate this feeling altogether.

2. A Sense Of Fulfilment

A Sense Of Fulfilment


A woman’s life purpose isn’t just to have children and play the role of a good wife. While some women may choose to do this, it should not be forced upon them. If you have given up your job due to external pressure and are made to sit in the confines of your own home, how will you achieve a sense of satisfaction? An unhappy person cannot keep their family happy, and hence, working full time will give you a sense of personal fulfillment.

3. Improved Sense Of Confidence

Improved Sense Of Confidence


For women, working professionally isn’t just about bringing in the big bucks. It is also about self-confidence, improving one’s self-esteem, and having a sense of accomplishment that doesn’t involve the rest of the family. Sure, you’ll feel immensely proud when your child brings in good grades, but what about your own career goals? Of course, we are not saying that home-makers are not confident, but the confidence boost you achieve when you receive an appraisal or are commended by your boss is something at a whole different level. But if you take pride and interest in taking care of your household, that’s okay too.

4. You Feel Empowered

You Feel Empowered


A woman should work for her own satisfaction, life goals, happiness, and sense of fulfillment. Working professionally will show her that she has a life beyond raising kids and managing the household. Not only will working help improve her sense of self, but it will also make her feel empowered to know that she is running the home as well as working full time. She will feel empowered knowing that she is among millions of women contributing to the economy and helping improve the state of the country.

5. You Become A Role Model To Your Kids

You Become A Role Model To Your Kids


A hardworking and successful woman who manages to balance both her personal life as well as her family life with aplomb has an incredible impact on her children. If you don’t think your kids see your efforts, you would be mistaken. Your kids will respect you for the fact that you are an ace at the balancing act. Multi-tasking perfectly can be a good virtue to have. This is especially true for your daughters, who will want to follow in your footsteps and feel inspired to work in the future as well.

6. You Stay Ahead Of The Game

You Stay Ahead Of The Game


Another reason why you should be working after marriage is that it will help you stay ahead of the game and be up to date with whatever is happening in your industry. You will get a chance to acquaint yourself with new technologies and techniques and attend seminars and conferences that will be hugely beneficial to your career. It might also inspire you to apply or incorporate research-based info into your home affairs.

7. You Contribute To Your Families Overall Finances

You Contribute To Your Families Overall Finances


When you are financially self-sufficient, you are not only supporting yourself but your entire family. In the event of an emergency, your income will turn into the family’s only source of income and provide the entire family with financial security. This will ensure that your children lead a better future. Plus, if both you and your partner are working, this will ensure that you have a better quality of life and take off your partner’s burden of earning. They will be able to relax a little bit more, knowing that they have someone to help with the finances.

8. You Will Have A Life Outside Home

You Will Have A Life Outside Home


Working full time will give you the ability to have a social life outside the home, and you will be able to give your children a little more privacy. As your kids grow older, they will grow more distant from you and have their own lives to lead. Due to this, many women who are homemakers may end up feeling isolated and alone. Women who hold successful careers of their own will find other positive reinforcements outside of their homes to focus on.

9. You Will Have Your Own Sense Of Self-Identity

You Will Have Your Own Sense Of Self-Identity


If you’ve been a home-maker, even for a short while, you might find yourself facing the question, “what are your life goals?” or “why are you not working?” while some women may feel pride in answering, “I take care of my family and home,” others may not feel the same. On the other hand, someone who has been forced to give up their career and work may feel like they are not living their best life. As a working woman, you can proudly speak about where you work, what you do, your position at the workplace and achievements, and so much more. Having your own sense of identity is absolutely essential, whether it is as a homemaker or as a working woman.

At the end of the day, if a woman wishes to be independent, she should feel support from not just her family but also society. Similarly, even when a woman decides to quit working, she shouldn’t face harassment from others over her decision. Working will equip a woman with the knowledge and skills she requires to lead an independent life and benefit not just herself but also society. Do let us know all of your thoughts on this article in the comment section below.

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