9 Reasons Men Love Being In A Relationship

Written by Pratima Ati

If you see a bunch of girls hanging out, rest assured that at some point, they will talk about relationships, men, and all the gossip around them. And, before you know, you are sharing your experiences. Good, bad or ugly, we all have a tale to tell. And the urge is unstoppable, especially when you’re in the zone. We are never tired of discussing our love lives, over and over again. But, men? Not so much. You hardly see them getting into details of their personal space or giving each other relationship advice, let alone get into serious discussions.

They don’t say it enough, but they love and enjoy being in a relationship more than they like to admit. We have heard quite a bit on how phobic they can be in a committed relationship, but there’s a side that we all should know. They enjoy being in a relationship. And, that’s what we are going to talk about today.

I’m writing this from my experience – some personal, most from friends, and a few observations. Why do men love being in a relationship? Here are a few reasons.

1. They Like To Be Taken Care Of.

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I know we have lived with many myths in life, but here’s something most of them don’t tell you, especially your significant other. They love it when someone takes care of them. They like it when you take over, however small or trivial a task is. It does not mean that you are expected to wear the pants in the relationship. Anything as simple as paying a bill, picking clothes from the dry cleaners, getting his car washed, sorting out his closet and looking for that missing shirt or taking care of his emotional needs. I have observed this time and again, and cannot stress this enough.

2. But, They Love Taking Care Too!

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Yes. They do. You might be organized, sorted, and independent, but he likes to hear that he has made everything better for you. It might not seem like it, but they enjoy taking care of you and doing those little things for you. He might not be saying it, but he’s doing a lot of that. So, drop being elusive for once.

3. Someone Gets Their Weirdness And Is Ready To Stick Around.

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Well, you know what they say about a perfect relationship – it’s just about staying weird together and enjoying those imperfections. Being you, unapologetically. So, let him be himself and embrace his craziness. Men enjoy being in a relationship where they are accepted for who they are.

4. They Want The Intimacy.

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If you have read the book ‘Five Languages Of Love”, you will know what this means. But, for most men, physical touch is their primary language of love. They are always kicked about lovemaking and imagine getting it effortlessly. Because for them, having a strong emotional bond with someone they are making love with is just as important. Nothing beats the passion and emotion of love. This does not mean you are expected to submit yourself; it just means you need to go with the flow. Give it to him when he least expects it, or sometimes when he does not even ask for it. These things keep them content and on an emotional high.

5. Permanent Roommates.

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The comfort of having a permanent roommate who you have nothing to bother about is a real blessing in disguise. And men feel the same about this too. They might not be as choosy as us, but they love the fact that they don’t have to worry about a few things in the house, if not all. Sharing the workload for all the right reasons is something common between all of us.

6. Conversations – Some That They Can Never Have With Guy Friends!

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Men have no filters and talk anything they wish. That’s what is our understanding from their conversations. But that’s not always true. There are some conversations that men usually don’t get into, and it’s like an unsaid bro code. But, guess what? They want to talk about those things! They could be silly, intellectual or humorous. Trust me when I say this, intellectual and funny conversations are a real turn on for men.

7. Their Guilty Pleasures.

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Come on now, we all have our guilty pleasures – things we do only when we are around our closest people, sometimes not even with them. Something as silly as watching an emotional movie and tearing up or getting scared during a horror film and sleeping with the lights on. They have them too, and they love to open up about their guilty pleasures. They are pretty uncomplicated that way.

8. Excitement And Intrigue.

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Relations can fall flat and get dull pretty fast. The one thing they enjoy the most is to be with a partner who keeps it going. Men like the energy, the intrigue, and the fluid state of the relationship. Keep him on his toes with exciting activities – plan trips, dinners, surprises, decorate his man cave, buy him that new PS4 game, or book tickets to watch a game. Leave him intrigued. Men love being on that ride. Take him on one, and keep it there.

9. A Non-Judgemental Space.

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We all need this, don’t we? A non-judgemental emotional and physical space we can call home. Might sound cheesy, but that’s what love means. As much as we think men judge, they don’t, and they don’t want someone doing that to them either. They might not be as expressive as us, but they hate it as much as we do. It can suffocate them. So, a strictly non-judgmental zone, please!

Materialistic and shallow things can only do so much for a relationship. It is a strong emotional bond that he’s looking for. Little things go a long way, and things are not as complicated as we think. We are just wired differently and look at a different set of lens. We are very different, yet so similar. What are your observations? Do you have something to share? Feel free to drop in a comment.

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