4 Reasons Why Mosquitoes Buzz Near Your Ears And How To Avoid Attracting Them

Written by Niharika Nayak

The dengue and malaria scare is definitely a matter of concern in the hood for quite a long time. While the life threatening mosquitos are a cause of scare for all, another thing that greatly bothers us is the way mosquitoes irritate us. The mere buzzing and bites are enough to get under anybody’s nerves.

Those pesky insects have a habit of showing up when you least expect them and ruining your night. If you live in a tropical region, then you probably know the pain of having to sleep with a mosquito net on and applying mosquito repellent on your skin every summer night before bedtime. Although it is mainly female mosquitoes that suck on our blood, male mosquitoes are nonetheless super pesky, and they are both known to buzz around our ears at night. Mosquitoes are crepuscular creatures, so they are most active around dawn and at night when it is dark. They use their antennae to detect us, and although they do not “bite” us, they suck out our blood through a tube that is their mouthpiece. Well, if you’re looking for reasons as to why and how mosquitoes are attracted to you, we have a few:

1. They Are Attracted To Your Ear Wax


Bet you didn’t see this coming, but mosquitoes are found to be attracted to the smelliest parts of our bodies. So if you are someone who sleeps with their face exposed out of the blanket and hence leaves your face exposed, they will tend to flock around your ears. Your ears can be one of the dirtiest parts of your body as your ear wax tends to collect dirt and other impurities. Thus, making it a perfect spot for mosquitoes to hover around. You don’t have to suffocate yourself by burying your head under the blanket. All you need to do is regularly clean your ears if no other method is working.

2. Body Heat Draws Their Attention

Body Heat Draws Their Attention


A female mosquito will look out for humans by trying to sense body heat and sweat. They can also detect us by our scent, and mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide that we exhale when we breathe out. This is why they tend to surround our heads and make sounds around our ears as we sleep. In summers and hardcore heat especially, make sure the fan or AC is all set to keep your cool.

3. They Track Us By Our Sweat

They Track Us By Our Sweat


Our bodies release certain odors when we sweat that are attractive to mosquitoes. Lactic acid, ammonia, and uric acid are examples of substances that can be released by the bacteria that thrive on our skin. Plus, the higher the temperature of your body, the more likely you are to sweat. This is why mosquito bites tend to be in areas like your ankles, wrists, hands, and feet. As these areas on your body are frequently exposed, they tend to retain and collect moisture, thus playing host to large bacterial colonies.

4. They Can Detect Us By Our Breath


Besides the proboscis, female mosquitoes sport long antennae and odor sensing organs that are called palps. These are tuned to the scent of CO2 and the carbon dioxide that we produce each time we exhale. Mosquitoes can detect high concentrations of CO2 from long distances and thus are very attuned to finding where humans are located. The female ones are the main cause of diseases, so instead of taking chances, do all the creams or mosquito repellant in your power to avoid complications. Don’t think it is just a bite and it will go away as there is no way to tell which mosquito is carrying polluting elements.

How You Can Avoid Mosquitoes And Enjoy A Peaceful Night’s Sleep

1. Wear Lighter Colored Clothes

Wear Lighter Colored Clothes


During the summer season, we are often advised to wear light cotton clothing, which is excellent advice. Mosquitoes are more attracted to dark colors, and since white and light colors reflect sunlight, it gives you the ability to stay cooler. It’s also a good idea to wear looser and lighter fabrics. Cover as much skin as possible to prevent getting bitten.

2. Sleep Under A Fast-Fan Or With An AC

Sleep Under A Fast-Fan Or With An AC


Sleeping under a fast-fan or AC is the best way to deter mosquitoes as their wings are not strong enough to withstand high speeds and air pressure. If you do not have a spare mosquito net lying around your house, this is an excellent way to keep the mosquitoes at bay during the summer months. Plus, this will also ensure that you do not sweat during the night time. If you are traveling and need to camp out or check into a hotel, it is best to keep a hand fan handy. You can simply perk it on a stand at the side of your bed.

3. Take A Cool Shower Before Bed


Taking a cold shower before you go to bed will really help you avoid those night sweats and make sure that you are relaxed before bedtime. Since mosquitoes are attracted to our sweat and scent, taking a bath before bedtime is a great way to avoid them altogether. If the summer heat is intense where you live, keep wet tissues near you to feel comfy as well as avoid buzzing mosquitoes while sleeping.

4. Keep Mosquito Repellant Plants In Your Room


If you aren’t into the idea of spraying yourself with repellant each time you step out, you can make use of plants that repel mosquitoes. There are certain aromatic plants like lavender, marigold, citronella grass, and even rosemary that act as great mosquito repellants. Even if you have a small garden, keeping these plants around your bedroom or keeping them around your window sill is a great way to keep the mosquitoes at bay. Plus, they make for a gorgeous space, and it’s always a good idea to greenify your room.

5. Eat A Healthy Dose Of Garlic And Onion


If you aren’t a fan of eating garlic and onions, then you can make a garlic and onion-infused mosquito repellent that you can use around your house. The sulfur that is present in the garlic and onion is great for keeping mosquitoes at bay. Insects, in general, detest the taste and smell of sulfur. It’s also a good idea to cut up, crush and mince some fresh cloves of garlic and distribute them around the garden. You can rub garlic all over your skin, but that will ensure that mosquitoes aren’t the only ones who will be avoiding you. If you are a fan of garlic and onions, however, then we recommend that you eat a healthy serving of it every day.

In the end, following certain sleep habits and reunifying your space is the best way you can avoid attracting the wrath of those pesky mosquitoes. You don’t necessarily need to place a mosquito net above your bed if you start following these tips and techniques. Do let us know if any of these tips were of help to you in the comment section below.

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