10 Things You’ll Totally Get If You Just Got Into A Relationship!

Written by Rachana C

Have you fallen in love? Wow! That line sounds like a good start – like the title of a book or the first line of a best-selling novel. Okay, donkey praise aside, how did that feel? It changed your take on life, hasn’t it? Since you’ve fallen in love and know what it’s like, read these 10 things, which I am sure, you will relate to. Let me know if you did.

1. Everything About Existence Seems Gleamy

1. Everything About Existence Seems Gleamy

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So when they speak of bells ringing, and violins playing in the backdrop, and that flowing breeze, they actually happen. Yes, all the Universe looks gleamy and dreamy to you. Not rings and violins per se but don’t you feel all those hormones racing with your heartbeat and your palms getting sweaty at the very sight of your significant other? Blame the Dopamine and Adrenaline for all that. And if you just can’t stop thinking of your new lover, blame Serotonin for that. Whoever is responsible, for you, this world’s now a Paradise because it has him in it.

2. Likes and Dislikes Change Inside Out

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Do you even recognize who you have become? All his favorites are now yours. He loves this song, and the song is on loop for next hundred hours. You couldn’t stand even the idea of an anime all your life, but One Piece is now your favorite pastime (although you don’t know what is going on and what’s in this that he goes crazy over). Do you wonder if he is doing the same? Watching all your favorite TV shows, munching on snacks you relish… Maybe ;-)

3. You Lie To Your Friends That You Are Busy (Every Time You Are With Him)

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Didn’t you do that? There’s no way you can’t relate to this one. You want to spend all the time in the world with him and him. And that’s when your girlfriends are lied to. That you are busy, that you need to go to the dentist, or that there’s a family event you CANNOT miss. I am sure they know who your dentist is and which family event it is that you ought not miss.

4. Wallpapers In Phones Change to Something Flowery and Romantic

Better still.. to the pictures of your newly found love interests or pictures in which the two of you are cuddling with each other with gay abandon. And if you want to be secretive about your relationship, your wallpapers are too full of pinks and roses (and the like), or something involving a code that only the two of you can decode.

5. You Are Suddenly Watching A Lot Of Romcoms, and You are Actually Enjoying It

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And then there were days when action, crime, and gore were your only interests. Do you look back and laugh? Or what you are doing now seems stupid? And wait, what seems more ludicrous? Watching romcoms back to back or the fact that you are enjoying it? Have you ventured the rom-com genre in the novels zone? Maybe you should.

6. You Are Broke By Twentieth Of Every Month

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You’ve been to all the cool hang outs in your city, maybe even on a couple of out-of-the-city road trips, all in one month. Your enthu for more of such hangouts hasn’t worn off sure, but your wallet seems to have worn off a tad bit too suddenly. Plus, all those bills after every extravagant purchase for your better halves! Now that you have officially become a spendthrift, all you do is wait for the next month to spoil each other with many more day outs.

7. You Are Browsing “Ideas To Gift Boyfriend.”

Haven’t you started making preparations for his birthday that is five months later? It’s already late if you haven’t. Yes, this is more or less the situation of those who have just tasted the essence of a new relationship. When you say, “I’ll get the moon for you” you actually mean it and try to simulate the feeling with loads of gifts and surprises for the birthdays of their significant others. All these gestures are not only outright cute but also thoughtful of you all beautiful souls!

8. You Are Noting Down Dates

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The first meeting, first kiss, first date, first movie together, first fight, and the list is never-ending. There’s a red cross on most days of a month. Why not? There are so many firsts in a relationship, after all! Some of you might think it is too teenager-ish to keep track of all these firsts but you still mentally have all the dates noted. It’s okay go ahead and cross off another date in the calendar. No one’s stopping.

9. You Miss Each Other Five Minutes After Parting

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You have just given each other hugs and kisses and told each other goodbyes a million times before parting after a long day out. And then rings your phone – “Missing you, already.” Also, you are already making plans for your next meeting. For you, the worst part of the day is leaving each other and going back home. We understand you, it is all so fairy tale-ish, and you just can’t let go of your  Prince Charming.

10. Nights And Phone Calls Have Become Synonymous

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Thanks to phones, you don’t have to worry about letting your sweetheart go. You have all the night to whisper sweet nothings into each other’s ears. The entire night becomes the witness to all the phases your talks go through – that romantic 1 hour, that emotional next hour, then that dirty talk time – the walls know it all. And what better time than the night to have heart-to-heart conversations with the one you are madly in love with? Life’s too short to sleep, isn’t it?

Which of them resonate with your experiences of love? All of them? There could be tons of more things you could add to the list. Come on, write them all in the comments section below.

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