Our Expert Panel

Our expert panel consists of beauty and wellness experts, chiropractors, yoga therapists, aromatherapists, and acupuncturists who provide professional expertise to make our articles factually correct, accurate, and relevant for the readers. We also have a medical review board consisting of board-certified doctors, RDNs, dermatologists, and other health experts.

Our Expert Panel Members

Dr. Abby Kramer
Dr. Kramer is a Chiropractor + Holistic Physician practicing in the Chicagoland area. She has been featured in various publications,[...] Read More
Thais Tisatto
BHSc (Health Science)
Thais Tisatto is a Holistic Nutritionist from the Gold Coast, Australia. She has a very strong passion for women’s health,[...] Read More
Dr. Scott Johnson
Dr. Scott A. Johnson is a Board Certified Alternative Medical Practitioner, Certified Elite Essential Oil Specialist, and Certified Clinical Master[...] Read More
Tiffany Young
Certified Trichology Practitioner
Tiffany Young is the CEO and founder of ThinHairThick. She is also a recognized expert in the hair and beauty[...] Read More
Casey M. Reiter
Casey M. Reiter is an appellate and litigation support attorney practicing in Florida. Her focus areas are Family and Marital[...] Read More
Dr. Jen Esquer
Jen Esquer is a Top 40 Physical Therapy Influencer and has been named one of the top 50 most influential[...] Read More
Garima Singh
MSc (Nutrition), DNHE, DDHN
Garima Singh is a certified nutritionist and dietitian with over 7 years of experience. She provides both in-office and virtual[...] Read More
Dr. Holly Schiff
Dr. Holly Schiff is a clinical psychologist licensed in both CT and NY. She was awarded a Doctorate of Psychology[...] Read More
Eric Zielinski
Eric Zelinski is the author of the national bestseller The Healing Power of Essential Oils. He has pioneered natural living[...] Read More
Florence Nanga
Dr. Nanga graduated as an Associate Trichologist from the World Trichology Society in 2019. She is also a socio-esthetician in[...] Read More
Dr. Shari Auth
Dr. Shari Auth is a licensed and NCCAOM certified Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. She has a master’s in[...] Read More
Aakriti Arora
Certificate In Plant-Based Nutrition
Aakriti Arora is a USA certified nutritionist practicing in New Delhi. She has completed her graduation with Honors from the[...] Read More
Martine Langsam
Martine is a certified trichologist with over 7 years of experience and a California licensed cosmetologist. She is also an[...] Read More
Dr. Sudhansu Singh
Dr. Sudhansu Singh is a Physiotherapist, Sports and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, and Neuro Physiotherapist with 8 years of experience. He is[...] Read More
Dr Nancy B Irwin
Originally from Atlanta, Dr. Nancy Irwin graduated from UWG in 1977 with a Bachelor of Music in Opera Performance. She[...] Read More
Dawn Hilton
Dawn Hilton is a consultant trichologist practicing in West Yorkshire, UK. She graduated from the prestigious Institute of Trichologists, London,[...] Read More
Dhanashree Rabha
MSc (Food Service Management & Dietetics)
Dhanashree Rabha is the Chief Nutritionist at Qua Nutrition Clinic. She believes that making small daily improvements can lead to[...] Read More
Sri Yogi Anand
Sri Yogi Anand is well-versed in the practical and philosophical aspects of yoga and spirituality. He has been teaching yoga[...] Read More
Melissa Neubeck
Cosmetologist & Trichologist
Melissa, a practicing cosmetologist of 30 years and successful color and makeover specialist, has connected the worlds of hairstyling and[...] Read More
Ky Smith
Certified Trichologist
Ky Smith is a certified trichologist and holistic health practitioner who specializes in hair and scalp diseases. She has over[...] Read More
Shivani Sikri
PG Diploma in Dietetics & Public Health Nutrition
Shivani Sikri is the founder and chief nutritionist at Nutri4Verve and has more than 10 years of experience. She recommends[...] Read More
Avantii Deshpaande
MSc (Food Science & Nutrition)
Avantii Deshpaande is a nutritionist, author, speaker, and entrepreneur with over 20 years in the field. She is also a[...] Read More
Karishma Shah
PhD (Integrative Medicine)
Karishma Shah is an Integrative Health Nutritionist and Holistic Wellness Coach with an extensive background in clinical nutrition, Ayurveda, and[...] Read More
Mayuri Aavula
MSc (Dietetics)
Mayuri Aavula is one of the top nutritionists in Hyderabad, India, and has won several awards and accolades. She started[...] Read More
Alexandra Hockens
Alexandra, founder and owner of Functional Nutrition NYC, has a Master of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine from[...] Read More
Dr. Brent Wells
Dr. Brent Wells is a member of the American Chiropractic Association and the American Academy of Spine Physicians. He graduated[...] Read More
Dr. Callisto Adams
Dating And Relationship Expert
Callisto Adams has been a dating and relationship expert for more than 6 years. She completed her undergraduate and medical[...] Read More
Dr. Henok Malede
Dr. Henok Leake Malede began his career in Atlanta, Georgia and moved to New Orleans, Louisiana after completing his undergraduate[...] Read More
Dr. Pallavi Srivastava
PG Diploma in Sports Science & Fitness Nutrition
Pallavi Srivastava is a Clinical Nutritionist with over 13 years of experience and the founder of Q-Slim Fitness Studio. She[...] Read More
Karen Marshall
Life Coach
Karen Marshall is a revolutionary UK relationship and dating expert, life coach, mentor, trainer, and wellbeing expert. She offers a[...] Read More
Kate Driver
Kate Driver is a Naturopath, Women's Health Coach, and Perimenopause Practitioner and has been consulting for over 22 years. She[...] Read More
Kimberly Jenkins
Kimberly Jenkins is a certified trichologist and cosmetologist with over 20 years of experience in the field. She runs the[...] Read More
Kohei Iguchi
Kohei Iguchi is a naturopath, medical herbalist, and dark-field microscopist. He has also presented numerous talks and seminars to the[...] Read More
Lakshmi Tejasvi.M
MSc (Clinical Nutrition)
Lakshmi Tejasvi began her career as a nutritionist, working at different hospitals and clinics. She then branched out in 2016[...] Read More
Leata A. Williams
Leata A. Williams is the founder of Mane Theory, Inc. She is a L’ Oreal trained licensed cosmetologist who began[...] Read More
Michele Waldron
Dr. Waldron is a licensed clinical psychologist, certified couples counselor, licensed alcohol and drug counselor, and sex therapist. She received[...] Read More
Natalie Stawsky
Natalie has been a student of yoga for more than 20 years. She has studied copiously with world-renowned teachers and[...] Read More
Precious Rutlin
Precious Rutlin is a licensed cosmetologist, board-certified trichologist, complementary alternative health practitioner, and holistic health educator that bridges the gap[...] Read More
Ritika Dass
Ritika Dass is a senior clinical nutritionist with more than 8 years of experience in analyzing the nutritional needs of[...] Read More
Tere Pruett
Tere Pruett is a certified trichologist from the United States Trichology Institute. She also has a graduate education in phlebotomy.[...] Read More
Sergio R. Cardona Perez
Sergio Cardona is a certified trichologist, a passionate professor, an international public speaker, and an advocate of the trichology profession.[...] Read More
Joseph Moore
Certified Relationship And Life Coach
Joseph Moore is an ace relationship coach and public speaker who started coaching in 2015. Although Joseph is a trained[...] Read More
Anirudh Gupta
Certified Yoga Instructor
Anirudh is a Certified Yoga Instructor – RYT 200 – Yoga Alliance from Yoga Vedanta Centre. His teaching style incorporates[...] Read More
Shantella Rios
Shantella Rios is a licensed cosmetologist, who prides herself on the ability to deliver high quality services to clients with[...] Read More
Madison Dufour
Barber & Cosmetologist
Madison Dufour is a licensed and practicing barber and cosmetologist as well as an entrepreneur running several hair businesses, including[...] Read More
Ghanima Abdullah
A cosmetologist from Chicago, IL, Ghanima lives in the Caribbean. As a beauty consultant and stylist, she has been in[...] Read More
Tatiana Sokolova
Certified Yoga Instructor
Tatiana Sokolova is an advanced Ashtanga yoga instructor and retreat guide who discovered Ashtanga during a trip to Sri Lanka.[...] Read More
Gaelle Clement
Natural Health Practitioner
Gaelle is an international health practitioner currently based in Krasnodar, Russia. She is passionate about helping people of all genders[...] Read More
Sharon Gilchrest O’Neill
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Sharon Gilchrest O'Neill is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Family Business Consultant. She holds degrees in Marriage &[...] Read More
Richard Spencer
Richard Spencer is a qualified trichologist and registered member of the Institute of Trichologists (M.I.T.). He began his own practice[...] Read More
Stephanie Mintz
MA (Clinical Psychology), LMFT
Known internationally as The Strategic Relationship Consultant™, Stephanie Mintz, MA, LMFT, provides individuals and couples with actionable strategies to reach[...] Read More
Yvonne O’ Halloran
MND (Nutrition & Dietetics)
Yvonne is a passionate dietitian who loves to help people reclaim their health and align their morals and beliefs with[...] Read More
Ryan Fernando
MSc (Food Biotechnology)
Ryan Fernando is the founder of QUA Nutrition Clinic. This award-winning celebrity nutritionist’s clients include athletes, film stars, and corporate[...] Read More
Suhasini Viswanathan
MSc (Dietetics)
Suhasini Vishwanathan is the Chief Nutritionist at QUA Nutrition Clinic. She has over 10 years of experience in nutrition counseling[...] Read More
Randall Holmes
Randall Holmes graduated with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Texas Chiropractic College in 1990 with outstanding academic recognition. He[...] Read More
Dr Perpetua Neo
DClinPsy, MPhil
Dr Perpetua Neo accelerates Type-A High Achievers’ performance and leadership by teaching them to master their time, mind, and sleep[...] Read More
Elissa Peterson
Elissa Peterson is a traditional naturopath, Certified Master Life Coach, Reiki Usui Level II Practitioner, and Certified Mindfulness Practitioner who[...] Read More
Vanessa Thomas
Cosmetic Chemist
Vanessa has over 20 years of experience formulating various types of cosmetics, such as color cosmetics, fragrance, skin care, hair[...] Read More
Rakesh Rathod
Certified Personal Trainer
Rakesh Rathod is a certified fitness trainer and yoga instructor with more than 20 years of experience in the fitness[...] Read More
Sabrina Rahman
Certified Fitness Trainer
Sabrina Rahman is a certified fitness trainer. She coaches 200 clients every month and trains thousands of women all over[...] Read More
Lina Buk
Makeup Artist & Hair Expert
Lina Buk is a makeup artist and hair expert and has been in the beauty and cosmetic industry for the[...] Read More
Gabrielle Richens
Skin Therapist
Gabrielle Richens spent 20 years as a model with Elite Model Management. She is now a skin therapist, clean beauty[...] Read More
Kari Evans
Certified Trichologist
Kari has been an entrepreneur for over 15 years. She is a Certified Trichologist, Business Mentor, Personal Development Strategist, and[...] Read More
Alana Belik
Alana Belik, RCH, is a Master Certified Trainer of Hypnotherapy and a multiple award-winning clinical hypnotherapists and BWRT® specialist. She[...] Read More
Anastasia Kirilchik
Anastasia has been practicing astrology for over five years. She has completed numerous courses and undergone extensive training, especially in[...] Read More
Pratibha Agarwal
Pratibha Agarwal is the Founder and Director of Anahata Yoga Zone, Secunderabad, India. She also offers online live yoga sessions[...] Read More
Reverend Stina Garbis
Astrologer & Tarot Expert
Stina Garbis is an American professional psychic and astrologer, spiritual thought leader, and Tiktok personality practicing in the field of[...] Read More
Patricia Adekoya
Patricia Adekoya worked for many years in the healthcare sector, providing quality care/services to people of diverse cultures. After retirement,[...] Read More
Ellen J.W. Gigliotti
Ellen J.W. Gigliotti is a licensed marriage and family therapist with over 20 years of experience and the owner of[...] Read More
Jocelyn Ly
Licensed Cosmetologist & Hairstylist
Jocelyn Ly has been in the beauty and wellness industry for over 12 years. She studied Psychology at UC Davis[...] Read More
Dr. Anjali Asok
BAMS, MD (Ayu)
Dr. Anjali is a staunch believer of Ayurveda. Her holistic approach and passion for science help her treat her clients.[...] Read More
Alex Crockford
Fitness Coach
Alex is a certified personal trainer and a well known personality in the fitness industry with a large social media[...] Read More
Rebekkah O’Neill
Master Stylist, Hair & Beauty Trainer
Rebekkah is a Master Stylist with over 7 years of experience. She specializes in the most popular colors and balayage[...] Read More
David Rosales
David Rosales is a certified personal trainer, the co-owner of Roman Fitness Systems, and the head editor of prohockeystrength.com, the[...] Read More
Kerrin Jackson
Makeup Artist
Kerrin is a 4-time Emmy-nominated film and television makeup artist. She has worked on TV shows, such as The Walking[...] Read More
Monica Dickenson
Certified Trichologist
Monica Dickenson has more than 30 years of experience as a dedicated technician and business owner. She is very passionate[...] Read More
Rachel D Angelo
Rachel D'Angelo is a licensed beauty professional, former cosmetology educator, and the founder of BeautiSoul Consulting. In 2021, she co-founded[...] Read More
Nick Arrojo
Hair Stylist
Nick Arrojo is a celebrity stylist, author, and the owner of one of America's biggest indie beauty brands. He is[...] Read More
Joanne Fortune
Licensed Cosmetologist & Hairstylist
Joanne Fortune has been in the beauty industry for 11 years. She studied Cosmetology at Bellus Academy right after graduating[...] Read More
Joy Nwokoro
Relationship Coach
Joy Nwokoro is a Christian relationship and marriage speaker, counselor, and coach. Although she studied English and Literature at the[...] Read More
Tiffany Taylor
Tiffany Taylor is a licensed cosmetologist from Paul Mitchell School. She is currently in her second year of being on[...] Read More
LaTonya MeChelle
Love & Relationship Coach
LaTonya MeChelle is not your typical love and relationship coach. Her matchmaking skills are unique, and she is the type[...] Read More
Shelly Shimoni
Hair & Makeup Artist
Shelly's journey within the makeup and beauty industry started at one of London's leading colleges, LCBT. She then furthered her[...] Read More
Paola Farina
Personal Stylist
Paola Farina is a personal and event stylist and a certified image consultant who collaborates with individuals and companies. After[...] Read More
Vincenzo Sinisi
Clinical Psychologist
Vincenzo Sinisi is a psychoanalyst, group analyst, clinical psychologist, and the founding director of TherapyRoute.com, an international mental health service[...] Read More
Nilofar Pendhari
Certified Clinical Nutritionist
Nilofar Pendhari is a physiotherapist, dietitian, and certified clinical nutritionist having over 9 years of professional experience in the field[...] Read More
Beurena Johnson
Certified Trichologist
Beurena is a certified trichologist and a graduate of the Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, Georgia. She is also the[...] Read More
Josephine Rigney
Certified Fashion Stylist
Josephine Rigney has been involved with fashion for many years, including owning an accessories boutique, organizing and commentating for fashion[...] Read More
Lorrie Pearson
Professional Makeup Artist
Lorrie Pearson is a professional makeup artist who has been creating her signature makeup looks for over 20 years. After[...] Read More
Brian Tavizón
Psychologist & Couples Therapist
Brian Tavizón is a bilingual clinical therapist specializing in couples therapy. He has also undergone rigorous training in Emotionally Focused[...] Read More
Irene Abbou
ICF, ACC Certified Life Coach
Irene Abbou is an ICF, ACC Certified Coach and trained in the Gottman Method for Couples Therapy. She uses her[...] Read More
Danielle Wilkinson Brucklacher
Licensed Cosmetologist
Danielle obtained her cosmetology license from MTI College and continued with her education in Makeup Artistry at Bellus Academy. She[...] Read More
Anuja Sachdeva
Internationally Certified Nail Master & Educator
Anuja Sachdeva is a celebrity nail artist, internationally certified nail master, and PMU artist with a demonstrated history of working[...] Read More
Alice Alta
Alice has studied at the Avestan School of Astrology for 3 years. She has over 7 years of astrology experience[...] Read More
Ketrena Kirkland
Makeup Artist
Ketrena Kirkland has over 10 years experience in makeup artistry and aims to provide the best services to her clients.[...] Read More
Vaibhavi Gupte
Makeup Artist
Vaibhavi Gupte is a certified professional makeup artist and hairstylist who specializes in makeovers. She uses top of the line[...] Read More
Hemali Adhiya
ICF Certified Relationship Coach
Hemali is an ICF-Certified ACC Level Life Coach with expertise in relationship, marriage, and grief coaching. Her sessions aim to[...] Read More
Janine Jarman
Celebrity Stylist
Janine Jarman is the founder of Curl Cult and the owner of Hairroin Salon in Los Angeles. She has always[...] Read More
Khamis Maiouf
Khamis Maiouf is a professional barber who graduated from Hinckley College in England with a degree in barbering. He has[...] Read More