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Give Your Nails The “Just Out Of Salon” Look With MyGlamm Long Lasting Gel Finish Nail Enamel Duo!

MyGlamm Two Of Your Kind

Who says that only your lips or face can make a statement? Your gorgeous shiny nails can make you stand out too. MyGlamm gives you the liberty to enjoy two gorgeous shades at the price of one making it Two Of Your Kind! With this in hand, you have the convenience of carrying two shades in a simple single nail pack. It comes in a gel finish formulation that is extremely long lasting and durable too.

MyGlamm Two Of Your Kind ( Long Lasting Gel Finish Nail Enamel Duo )


The only product in India where two different nail paint bottles come in one DUO packaging making it fun and convenient with great value for money. The advanced formula of the nail polish features an exclusive high - reflection resin system that catalyses a gorgeous shine. Its unique two fold plasticizer efficiently prevents nail polish chipping and gives you a beautiful gel finish.


Two of your kind comes in a gel finish formulation that is extremely long lasting, durable and easily mimics the 'just stepped out of the salon' results. The best part? It does not chip for days together.


MyGlamm beauty products are conceptualised, formulated and developed in laboratories in Italy and Germany. The quality of the products is of prime importance and the quality is never compromised with.


MyGlamm collaborated with global experts and makeup artists to bring about exciting innovations in makeup to accomplish our single, focused goal – make looking glamorous Effortless! The product benefits and expert tips have been specially curated by celebrity makeup artists like Namrata Soni, Cory Walia and more.

5 Reasons Why You Should Grab Two Of Your Kind Now!

12 Different Combinations To Choose From, Just For You!

Why stick to one nail paint when you can change it as often as you want? We offer you 12 different combinations of shades to choose from right here! Stand out with these shades combined just for you.


Ichor - is a fire engine red

Eclipse - is a jet black

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Nude Blush

Plumping Lipstick – Potion is a vivid red

Plumping Lip Gloss – Amore is a soft pink

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Christmas Eve

Scarlet - is a blood red

Minted - is a lime green

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Classic Duet

Confectionary - is a bright creamy coral

Passioned - is a tropical hot pink

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Summer Souffle

Saffron - is a bright reddish orange

Peaches and Cream - is a soft peach

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By The Sea

Cloudy Affair - is white

Aquadisiac - is a bright turquoise

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Purple Smurf

Mauve It - is a lilac shade

Cherry Blossom - is a rose petal pink

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Tourmaline - is a daisy pink

Amethyst - is a muted magenta

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Cherry on Top

Candy Floss - is a light pink

Alarmed - is a rich red

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Doll Face

Tangerine Dream - is a vibrant orange

Bubble Gum - is a soft pink

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Party Popper

True Blue - is a midnight blue shade

Confetti - is a transparent topcoat with glitter and confetti

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Liquid Gold

Oh My Gold - is an alpine gold

Golden Shimmer - is a gold glitter nail paint

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Directions For Use

Placement: Nails

Technique: Apply a base coat followed by two coats of your favourite nail polish shade and top it off with a top coat.

ATTENTION: Do not waste another minute of your life without an awesome product like this in your bag!


What is the cost of delivery?

Zero. We are offering FREE delivery across India by courier.

How long will delivery take?

Your product will be delivered within 5 business days from the date you have placed your order and made the payment.

Do you deliver all over India?

Yes, we deliver to any location within India.

What is the shipping process?

As soon as you place the order on, you will receive a confirmation message on your registered mobile and also email alert on your mail ID.

Your sealed pack Color Fusion, will immediately get dispatched from our warehouse through our logistic partner and be sent to your shipping address mentioned in the order details. You will be able to track your order from this point to delivery.

Our logistic partner will call you on your registered mobile number before attempting delivery.

In the case of Cash On Delivery (COD) orders, our logistic partner will inform you to have the cash amount at hand before attempting delivery.

We service to all major pin codes and cities to serve maximum customers of ours.

How many combinations are available to choose from?

There are 12 different combinations of shades you can choose from.

Does it give a plumping effect to the nails?

Yes, Two Of Your Kind provides one stroke plumping effect to give you gorgeous nails.

What kind of finish will it give my nails?

It gives a super glossy gel finish to the nails leaving them with a gorgeous shine.

How long lasting is the nail polish?

It is extremely long lasting and lasts for atleast 2-3 weeks.