Our Team

Each article on StyleCraze involves an integrated approach from multiple teams – writers, editors, SEO analysts, designers and publishers, and tech geniuses. Here’s a peek into the heads driving these teams to produce the best experience for the readers.


Harini Natarajan

Head Of Content Operations

Harini has over 16 years of experience in content writing and editing for online media. Her seasoned approach to content and her experience in online project management ensure her team delivers well-researched and relevant articles on beauty, health and wellness, and lifestyle. She is a self-confessed bibliophilist and poetry lover.


Aashiya Goyal

Head Of SEO

Aashiya has over a decade of experience as an inbound marketer. She is in charge of Stylecraze's organic traffic growth and sales strategies. Her team researches beauty, health, and wellness topics in depth and collaborates closely with the editorial team to produce the most engaging content for our readers. Her ability to think critically and solve problems helps us stay ahead of the competition.


Rakesh Pinumalla

Head – Social Media

Rakesh heads the social media team of StyleCraze and has 10 years of experience in social and digital media. He plans, develops, and implements the company’s overall social media strategy to improve our online presence. When he’s not working, he cooks and reads social blogs to keep himself updated.


Kevin Crasta

Head – Design & Publishing (Media)

Kevin heads the design and publishing teams of StyleCraze and MomJunction. He has over 8 years of experience and has helped businesses define their brand strategy, brand identity, and communication design without compromising on the originality or aesthetics. His team publishes thousands of articles every month and designs informative creatives to enhance the reader’s experience. He enjoys cooking, sci-fi movies, comics, street photography, skateboarding, and surfing.


Dinesh Sharma

Head Of Technology

Dinesh heads the tech team that is involved in the development and management of StyleCraze and its sister sites. He has 15 years of experience in open source technologies in web development. His team continuously works on implementing new features and upgrades on the sites to give the best user experience to our readers. Dinesh likes to read technology blogs to keep himself updated and watch movies in his spare time.