Polishing Your Pantsuit Game – 20 Outfit Ideas

Published By StyleCraze

1White Pantsuit

Black suits are a relic of the past, all-white is the new age trend.

2Pink Pantsuit

Who can say no to hot pink? No one can after looking at this one. It looks great with a bralette or a white tube top.

3Three-Piece Monochrome

Bring out your inner bossy lady, but tone down this otherwise androgynous outfit by wearing the blazer over your shoulders.

4High-Street Fashion

Keep up with high-street fashion – but in the most unassuming way. The key here is to experiment without feeling shy.

5Blue Checkered Suit

Big blue checks, tapered pants, a tote bag, and ombre hair – this outfit redefines everything we knew about checks and suits.

6Navy Stripes Suit

Old school, vintage, and suave! This double-breasted matching blazer set demands that you wear nothing inside. Cook up this effortless look in just a minute or two.

7Business Casual

Meet halfway between a formal suit and casual vibes. Slay with light-washed denims, a white T-shirt, an off-white blazer, a silver neckpiece, and pumps.

8Belted Black Suit

Give your black suit a James Bond-like twist by adding a high-waisted belt. Wrap your hair in a slick bun, carry a leather bag, and don’t forget your pumps.

9Baggy Blue Suit

This outfit is a great example of how little details can turn around a mundane look. The idea of a well-fitted suit is replaced with the opposite.

10Mix And Match

Simmer down your red pants with a grayscale oversized jacket.

11Retro Style Suit

Dial in all things retro with this outfit: a turtleneck, an oversized gray blazer, tapered pants, angular shades, and a fanny pack.

12Orange Trouser Suit

For the love of tangerines, oranges, golden, and everything in between! Try an orange trouser set with a black tube and pumps. Complete the look with a slick bun and hoops.

13Oversized Suit

Amp up your pantsuit act in a way nobody else can match up. Go for a turtleneck sweater, an oversized blazer, baggy pants, ankle boots, and angular shades.

14Blue Monochrome Look

Marvel in monochrome. It is chic and composed and oozes character.

15Animal Print Suit

Trace the ‘80s and bring back the ‘90s with this animal print suit.

16Double-Breasted Pink Suit

Modern yet vintage is how you define this look. The idea is to stay away from all things mundane and go all the way out.

17Wall-Street Style Suit

Imagine a lady boss working at New York’s top hedge fund firm walking into meetings looking like this every day.

18High-Waisted Trousers Suit

High-waisted trousers with a silk blouse and a blazer are how you go from your desk to a date without batting an eye.

19Bralette And Pantsuit

Who said you couldn’t do couture with pantsuits? Hollywood and the biggest fashion houses are experimenting with this look. Also, it is all the more reason to buy bralettes!

20Ankle-Length Pantsuit

Heritage print, ankle-length trousers, a white T-shirt, and sneakers is how you infuse sporty vibes into a suit.