Alice Alta


Karmic Astrology & Compatibility
Avestan School of Astrology
7 years

Alice has studied at the Avestan School of Astrology for 3 years. She has over 7 years of astrology experience and has been Head of Content for Futurio: Horoscope & Astrology app since 2020. She has been featured in BestLife, yahoo!life, and Women'sHealth.

She effectively combines her Bachelor’s degree in international relations with astrology to analyze current political affairs. One of her interests is doing multilayered compatibility readings. Alice loves looking into previous incarnations and exploring their influence on a person’s current existence. Calculating life missions is also one of her passions.

With hundreds of helpful and impactful consultations under her belt, Alice is on a mission to aid as many people as she can. She uses astrology to show them a way out of a complicated situation, a path in life, and the most effective means to achieve any goal they may have based on the birth chart positionings and favorable time periods.

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