Anqi Wu

Tattoo Artist

Sheridan College, Ontario, Canada
4 years

Anqi is a tattoo artist based in Toronto, Canada, with 4 years of experience. She graduated from Sheridan College, worked full-time as an animator/illustrator, and later branched out into tattooing. After spending two productive years as a resident artist at Chronic Ink Tattoos, Anqi decided to take her craft in a more independent direction. She found her niche specializing in fine line tattooing, displaying a passion for creating intricate designs, such as florals, micro-realism, illustrative pieces, and delicate, feminine-themed artwork characterized by meticulous attention to detail. Anqi's work draws constant inspiration from the beauty of nature and the graceful flow of elements. She aims to transform her tattoos into captivating, decorative, and ornamental pieces that enhance one's body.

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