Avantii Deshpaande

MSc (Food Science & Nutrition)

Gut Health, IBS, And Hormone Reset
SNDT University, Mumbai, India
20 years

Avantii Deshpaande is a nutritionist, author, speaker, and entrepreneur with over 20 years in the field. She is also a nutrigenomic counselor and a gut microbiome specialist. She worked in the food industry for 10 years and was a faculty member in various nutrition and food tech colleges. Currently, she practices as a consultant nutritionist and specializes in PCOS, diabetes, and gut health.

Avantii also provides a wide range of services for corporate wellness, recipe and menu analysis, and product development. She has authored a book titled ‘Learn the Art to Eat Smart’ and is the founder of an e-store where she provides healthy food products. She was also awarded the Women Achiever of Pune in 2020.

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