Dr. Danielle Marr Collins


Esthetic Medicine, Skin Care, & Aerospace Skin Care
Trinity College, Dublin
15 years

Dr. Danielle Marr Collins is an Irish esthetics doctor and an aerospace engineer with over 15 years of experience. She opened the first DermaFaceMD Anti-Aging & Anti-Wrinkle Clinic in 2009 in Dublin, Ireland. She has a DDS from Trinity College, Dublin, and has completed a 3-year Masters in Aesthetic Medicine. She owns private clinics in London, Dublin, and Monaco with wait lists exceeding 18-24 months. Dr. Danielle Marr Collins proudly combines her aerospace and medical backgrounds in her Aerospace MD skin care brand. She firmly believes that expert skin care should be accessible to all and would like to reach and help many more people with her topical Dermaface MD hyaluronic serums, creams, and gels, along with Aerospace MD modified skin care tools.

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