Emily Higgins

Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

Fat Loss, Hypertrophy, Nutrition
University of Denver & National Academy of Sports Medicine
8 years

Emily Higgins is a nationally certified personal trainer and nutrition coach who specializes in helping women become their best selves through evidence-based fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle. She has over 8 years of experience and founded Girl Let’s Glow, a health and wellness blog for women, after overcoming her own health struggles and body image issues to help other women do the same.

With the wave of the internet, she saw girls and women around her develop unhealthy relationships with food and exercise and witnessed this increasing desire to fit into molds that social media had created. As a result, her friends and family were always trying the latest diet, beauty, or weight loss "hack" to try and improve their appearance, only to make no progress and be disappointed when it didn’t work.

In an effort to try and improve the nature of the health and fitness industries, she got her personal training and nutrition certifications and began her career as a fitness and nutrition coach. Since then, she has helped thousands of women "glow up" and achieve their best bodies, mindsets, and lives through training and online education. She stays current on all of the medical literature and research reviews that inform her practice and the recommendations that she gives.

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