Florence Nanga


Hair Health
World Trichology Society
14 years

Dr. Nanga graduated as an Associate Trichologist from the World Trichology Society in 2019. She has 14 years of experience and is also a socio-esthetician in oncology and a specialist taking care of cancer patients who lose hair during chemotherapy. She worked in the cosmetic field as a beauty consultant for Parfumeries Brumes for about 2 years. She then forayed into the pharmaceutical industry and worked for 7 years in the management of skin and respiratory infections and as a Specialist Product Advisor in Novo Nordisk for 5 years. She also worked as a Key Account Manager with L’Oreal DPP (Professional Products Division) for a year.

She opened the first healthcare hair center in Abidjan in January 2019 and launched her brand named “Nama-Gny” with more than 25 products for all hair types. She and her team have now opened more than three healthcare hair centers in the Ivory Coast and take care of patients by video consulting all over Africa, America, and Europe.

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