Geoffrey Rodriguez

Makeup Artist

Beauty, Print, Red Carpet
Los Angeles Trade Technical College, Beauty Academy of Culver City
30+ years

Geoffrey Rodriguez is a leading makeup artist with over thirty years of experience. His keen eye for the latest trends as well as vast knowledge of fashion and beauty history help him understand and cater to the individual needs of his clients. He started his career as a fashion stylist and later refocused his career after an apprenticeship with Vincent Longo, the internationally renowned makeup artist. His international recognition grew after moving to London as the Global Artist for Vincent Longo Cosmetics, leading to significant work in editorial, fashion, and advertising with high-profile celebrities and prestigious magazines.Rodriguez’s reputation flourished upon his return to the US in 2001, and he became a top choice for fashion editors like Anna Wintour and celebrities like Emma Watson and Victoria Beckham. He has collaborated with many of the industry’s most talented photographers, including Norman Jean Roy, Steven Simko, Cheyenne Ellis, Chris and Sarah Rhoads, Jonathan Becker, Melvyn Sokolski, and Michael Haber. He has also branched into commercials and worked with top directors, including the Oscar-winning cinematographer Janusz Kaminsky and Chef’s Table creator David Gelb. 

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