Jenna Volpe


Gut Health, Immunity, Heart Health, Psychiatric Nutrition, Functional Nutrition, & Herbal Medicine
Boston University
11 years

Jenna Volpe is a holistic-minded registered dietitian, functional nutritionist, clinical herbalist, and energy healing practitioner with 11 years of experience. She helps people resolve health issues with a “food as medicine” approach, so they can finally have the energetic bandwidth to focus on bigger goals and dreams without worrying about chronic health flares.Jenna completed her bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Sciences at Boston University in 2010 and dietetic internship at the University of New Hampshire in 2011. She has also been practicing Reiki and other types of energy healing since 2011. With over a decade of hands-on clinical nutrition experience combined with going on her own healing journey, Jenna identifies as a “wounded healer” in that she can now pave the way for many others dealing with chronic digestive issues and seeking a natural way out.

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