Jocelyn Frasard

Licensed Esthetician

Skin Care & Makeup
Michigan College of Beauty, Troy, MI
5 years

Jocelyn is a licensed esthetician with over five years of experience in skin care and makeup. Since discovering her love for all things beauty in 2014, she has been on a remarkable journey of growth and learning. Jocelyn spent countless hours poring over the content of various YouTubers, always eager to practice and perfect her skills with every new product. Her confidence grew alongside her skills, leading her to her first salon job in 2016, where she worked on her very first bridal gig. This experience opened up new avenues in the beauty industry, and she went on to learn about lash extensions, which only strengthened her love for the craft.In 2017, Jocelyn took the plunge and started her own business, creating content for Instagram and YouTube while also pursuing her education. Her dedication paid off in 2018 when she graduated from the Michigan College of Beauty with a license in esthetics, further expanding her opportunities in the beauty industry. Jocelyn's journey has been one of hard work and passion, and she continues to explore new possibilities in the beauty industry. Her love for the craft is unwavering, and she is excited to see where her skills will take her next.

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