Karishma Shah

Integrative Health Nutritionist

Integrative Nutrition
Mumbai University, Mumbai, India
3 years

Karishma Shah is an Integrative Health Nutritionist and Holistic Wellness Coach with 3 years of experience. She has an extensive background in clinical nutrition, Ayurveda, and spiritual-mental health. She adopts a multi-disciplinary and wholesome approach to work on the body, mind, and soul and brings about sustainable and long-lasting transformations in her clients. She has helped hundreds of patients dealing with weight, lifestyle-related disorders, and hormonal and metabolic imbalances by offering personalized, goal-specific nutrition plans and holistic counseling. Karishma blends modern science, Ayurveda, psychology, and spirituality to benefit her clients. She is also a trained Cognitive Behavioural Therapist who coaches plus educates her clients towards self-awareness and real transformations.

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