Leata A. Williams

Board-certified Trichologist

Trichology (Hair and Scalp Science) and Cosmetology
University of Texas at Dallas, World Trichology Society, Carsten Institute of Cosmetology
3+ years

Leata A. Williams is the founder of Mane Theory, Inc. She is a L’ Oreal trained licensed cosmetologist who began styling hair at a very young age. Leata’s love for hair came about once she realized the versatility of styles that can be done. With altering her hair, trying many different cuts, colors, and extension techniques, Leata experienced extensive hair damage. It was at this time that she decided to further her education and learn about the hair and scalp. Leata is now a board-certified trichologist, specializing in healthy hair, hair restoration, and scalp therapy. She started Mane Theory to share her love of wigs and hair health with women who want to feel comfortable and confident in the way they look. Leata holds a bachelor’s degree in business and is currently studying for her master's in organizational leadership and development. She plans to use her degrees to strengthen beauty brands. She is also a member of the World Trichology Society where she is able to stay abreast on hair and scalp health and treatments.

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