Libbie Mugrabi

Fashion Designer

Fashion Designing
Culinary Institute of New York
5 years

Libbie Mugrabi is a New York-based designer with 5 years of experience. She is known for her bold outfits and showcasing philanthropy work. Libbie’s most recent philanthropic venture included underwriting the V&A free-to-attend runway show, Fashion in Motion, in London. She is currently head starting her own fashion line, L’Scher, that will debut its expansion in London Winter 22’, which intersects both her love of art and fashion through fun accessories and streetwear. Currently, the collection showcases various brightly colored trucker hats with various slogans, including “queen” and “bougie”.

Libbie is known for investments in fashion, with her collection of clothing and styling various outfits. You will always see her decked out in couture clothing, ranging from Chanel and Valentino to Balenciaga. Due to her love for fashion, she frequently attends the Balenciaga fashion shows, making sure she is one of the first people to get her hands on the upcoming collections. Mugrabi has been featured in multiple news outlets, including Tatler, New York Times, Vanity Fair, the Sunday Times, and more!

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