Madison Dufour

Barber & Cosmetologist

Hair Care
Xenon Academy of Cosmetology and Paul Mitchell The School
10 years

Madison Dufour is a licensed and practicing barber and cosmetologist with 10 years of experience, as well as an entrepreneur running several hair businesses, including MadisonD Barbering and The Exquisite Find Hair Blog. After working behind the chair for several years, she felt the calling to start the non-profit Barber in a Bag that teaches basic hair cutting skills in street and slum communities in South America. Madison’s passion is people. She loves people and wants to help them feel confident from the inside as well as beautiful on the outside through hair care. Her goal in working in the hair industry is to get accurate information out there to be accessible by everyone. She aims to educate individuals, professionals, and those in training with the best information and be successful in their own hair journey, at home or as a career. 

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