Mengni Yang

Professional Tattoo Artist and Piercer

Tattoo, piercing, VFX
Sheridan College
18 years

Mengni Yang is a tattoo master, a piercer, and VFX artist based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She comes with 18 years of rich experience in the industry. As a graduate from Sheridan College, she has been employed by some of the world’s top VFX companies and has worked on major motion productions. She owns MY Ink Tattoo Studio, where she specializes in realism-, portrait-, watercolor-, and traditional-Asian-style tattoos. Mengni has owned and operated tattoo studios in six countries around the globe and brings her unique artistic vision to a diverse clientele. She has tattooed thousands of people throughout her career. She has won several tattoo convention awards and has been featured in various tattoo magazines and interviews. As the lead instructor at MY Ink Tattoo School, she mentors aspiring tattoo artists by sharing her extensive knowledge and expertise.

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