Robert Savin

Master Trainer

Body Transformation & Fat Loss
Carleton University, Ottawa, & Ryerson University, Toronto
15 years

Robert is a certified personal trainer, fat loss expert, muscle building specialist, and the owner of Eliteman coaching fitness company. He has 15 years of experience and is passionate about helping/coaching people become their best selves, starting with fitness and nutrition.Robert pursued his formal education studying business in university as well as becoming a certified PT by the Canadian standards.

After working for the largest fitness/gym company in Canada as a master trainer, he realized that client results were not a priority, and it was more of a sales job. He began expanding his knowledge, learning directly from the top coaches in the world. Robert decided to start his own personal training company to help men and women lose fat permanently and build muscle for life. He follows a holistic approach to fitness, targeting nutrition, training, sleep, stress, hydration, and other metrics aiming to optimize each individual’s needs to successfully reach their goals in a healthy, efficient and sustainable manner.

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