Roberta Torresan

Wedding Planner & Designer

Wedding Planning
Event & Media Education, Milan, Italy
13+ years

Roberta Torresan is an award-winning international wedding planner and designer with over 13 years of experience. As someone who specializes in organizing unforgettable events in stunning locations, she deeply understands the significance of weddings and the importance of entrusting their celebration to a seasoned professional. She aims to provide exceptional care to wedding guests and ensure they have a wonderful experience. Roberta has managed luxury weddings in the most enchanting places in Italy and works with couples who want the best in everything. She has been honored with multiple prestigious awards, including Europe’s Top Wedding Planner 2022 by Weddings & Honeymoons, Best Wedding Planner 2021 by ELLE International Bridal Awards, and Best Wedding Planner in Europe 2019 by Weddings & Honeymoons.

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