Seamus Sullivan

Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Pain-Free Training, Nutrition Coaching
California State University, Northridge
4 years

Seamus Sullivan is a Los Angeles, California-based Performance Health Coach. As a young athlete, Seamus got his start in the sport of wrestling and even competed to the collegiate level. Athletics for him was not all the glory he thought it to be as sustained injuries throughout his career. This inspired him to go to school, learn under experts, and delve into the field of Exercise Science. He loved blending the ideas of high peak performance training with that of pain-free movements, and this lead him to manage multiple gyms, train many clients, and help them get transformative results.Seamus also offers virtual coaching and works with clients worldwide. He is currently at Cenegenics, a leader in the field of longevity. He manages clients with experts in the field for metabolic and hormone optimization. This line of work has him on the cutting edge of technology, education and new practices. Seamus has a mission to help people optimize their health so that fitness and nutrition is a part of their life.

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