Sergio R. Cardona Perez

Certified Trichologist

World Trichology Society and Puerto Rico Barber College
21 years

Sergio Cardona is a certified trichologist, a passionate professor, an international public speaker, and an advocate of the trichology profession, with 21 years of experience. Currently, he is an Advisory Board Member, Trichology Professor and Director of Communications for the World Trichology Society. He hosts three weekly classes on Facebook every Monday for the World Trichology Society Connect group, World Trichology Society (open) group, and the “Sociedad Tricológica Hispana'' group for the Hispanic community.He specializes in the customization of hair care products and creates or modifies unique formulations for his patients with every consultation. Everything his patients need – from shampoos to conditioners, leave-in conditioners, and stimulating lotions – is created right on the spot.

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