Valerie Aparovich


Cosmetology & Biochemistry of Cosmetics
Siderius School of Cosmetology
6 years

Valerie Aparovich is a certified cosmetologist and aesthetician, clean beauty advocate, and a practicing biochemist in the field of skin care with six years of experience and science team lead at OnSkin. She is convinced that beauty and health are deeply intertwined, and cosmetology has both art and science at its core. With deep knowledge of the biology behind the skin and the chemical processes of cosmetics, Valerie helps people maintain a healthy skin condition and emphasize their natural beauty using a complex approach. Besides providing supportive and attractiveness-enhancing professional cosmetic procedures, she strives to educate people, help them build a safe and beneficial skin care routine, navigate them through a saturated cosmetic market, and empower their beauty arsenal with efficient and toxic-free products.Valerie has a strong theoretical basis and practical experience in biochemistry, molecular biology, biotechnology, biophysics, organic and non-organic chemistry, microbiology, cytology, immunology, and genetics. She is a Science Team Lead at OnSkin, a science-backed and AI-empowered cosmetics consultant, providing users with a trusted safety evaluation and a complete ingredient analysis of cosmetic products.

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