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Customized Ayurveda for skin

100% natural and safe for skin

Free of parabens, petrochemicals, sulfates and sulfonates


No side effects

Reasonable pricing and flexible subscription plans

Easy return/exchange policy

This is 100% natural products they customise according to clients which is best thing no redness after applying no itching pure vegan products love this box of happiness. Best thing of vedix is there is no side effects my friend suggested me to use vedix products, I’m lil bit confused abt side effects and of cours of price but when I started using these guyzz its worth it

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Reduces split ends

Reduces dandruff

Reduces hair fall

Stimulates hair growth

Strengthens hair

Makes hair silky

Makes hair voluminous

Soothes headaches

Makes skin firm and soft

Parachute coconut hair oil is my all time favorite and most trusted hair oil. My hair tends to break easily and also I suffer from dandruff problem very often so this oil is my saviour from all this. I recommend it to everyone. 100% genuine coconut oil. Love it very much.

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Silicone free

Matte finish moisturizer


Absorbs quickly

Combats acne

Glycolic acid helps keep skin clear

Green tea extracts act against the acne formation process




Non-comedogenic ingredients

Contains goodness of anti-oxidants

Prevents build-up of skin debris

The plum green tea mattifying moisturizer is one of the best of all the moisturizers i have used. My skin is oily , sensitive and acne prone and thus I am very selective in experimental products on my skin. But after using it, i saw a good change in my skin. Its lightweight and doesn't clog the pores and gives an amazing matte finish after applying. Girls go for it without any second thought.

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