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Ambi Pur Air Freshener - Sweet berries effectively remove all odors from your house and leave behind a lingering, refreshing fragrance that lasts for long hours. It helps you escape nose blindness by trapping harmful, smelly particles in the air. By masking the foul smells in the house, it promotes a healthy, relaxing environment. The OdourCLear Technology of the air freshener ensures a breathable, odor-free surrounding. This 95% water-based, non-flammable formula is safe to be used all around the house.

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Spray dispenser

Water-based formula

Long-lasting fragrance

Awesome smell

There are so many things in life that stink. While you may not be able to take care of everything, smelly homes in monsoons is certainly something you can sort out. This AIR FRESHER from @ambipurin is your armour for the season. Thank you @stylecrazereviews for introducing me to this. The fresh berry variant gives a nice fragrance to the surroundings and gets rid of all unwanted smells in the area. The smell and freshness stays for a pretty long time as well. Must buy for monsoons. .

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