Oriental Botanics Aloe Vera, Green Tea & Cucumber Face Mask Reviews

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11 months ago

best face mask for oily skin



Suitable for all skin types

No parabens

No sulfates

No mineral oils

No silicone



Soothing fragrance


Hey everyone, I hope you all are doing well. Today I am here with a new skincare product from @oriental.botanics. We all must have heard the word "face mask" but we boys literally don't know why do we use this. We just put everything into the makeup category and say to our girl-friend "Kitna maida lagati ho".Jokes apart, Basically, we don't know about the facemask. let's know this thing first: Face masks are the perfect skin care treatment to help you with your skincare concerns. The right face mask can help hydrate skin, remove excess oils and help improve the appearance of your pores. They're also an excellent way to help pull out impurities. I want to give stress to these words "hydrate", "remove oil", "appearance of pores", "pull out impurities". Because of humidity, I always face this oiliness on my face and trust me it's very irritating. That's the reason I am using this face mask for a week(2 times/ week) now and literally feel less oil on my face, I am sure that it will go in the long term use and you will also get extra benefits of cucumber and aloe-vera by using this product. So, oily skin walo use this product to make your hydrated and don't forget to tag @sassy.supriyo and on your post.

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