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Calvin Klein Eternity For Women Eau De Parfum Spray is inspired by lasting romance and intimacy. It is a combination of timeless and modern styles. It is a luscious blend of soft woods, specially chosen flowers, and citrus fruits – all of which work together to reflect the essence of a romantic woman. It comes in a minimal transparent glass bottle with a silver press-spray lid.

Rashmi Bhatia Review

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I blindly bought it for myself after reading many positive reviews. But I have learned my lesson. For me, this perfume is very loud. Especially during summers, it gives me nausea. Eternity from CK is worst when it gets mixed with other public odors. So, for the entire summer, this perfume was kept on the side of my dressing table shelf.However, during winters, I just used it one time out of guilt, and guess what? It works! This CK perfume blends well with the cold and gives out a very warm fresh sillage. The longevity is above average too. Thank goodness! My purchase wasn’t entirely a waste.

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