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2 years ago

Controls Breakouts


After years of struggling with breakouts during my teenage years, I’m still going in and out of dermatological treatments in my early twenties. It never really goes away, so I have been advised to follow a strict skin care routine with carefully selected products. It’s difficult to find a face wash that benefits my skin’s needs the way I want it. My dermatologist advised me to use a mild face wash that will keep my oil balance intact. After trying out several face washes from different companies, I decided to give Lacto Calamine Oil Balance Face Wash a try. It claims to clean your face while also balancing the oil through a 3-way action formula:1. Kaolin Clay: It consists of natural minerals that absorb excess oil without removing the essential nutrients from the skin.2. Glycerin: It retains natural moisture of the skin, preventing the skin from drying.3. Neem: It helps in preventing pimples with the help of its anti-germ properties.My skin does not react negatively to it, and the changes I’ve seen are completely unexpected. On first application, the smell came off too strong for me but I let it pass due to the claims it has put forward. Coming to the texture, when I squeezed it on my palm, it looked like a lotion because of its creamy texture and I am a fan of it. It’s neither too thick nor very runny. On forming lather, it is smooth and foams just the right amount. As I was massaging the face wash on my skin, it felt soft like butter. The feeling after I dried my face was remarkable. I mean, first of all, my skin felt clean, free from oil, but moisturized at the same time. And for at least 7 hours, I didn’t feel the need to wash my face again. It is pretty impressive that finally after a while, I found a product that does what it claims. I will suggest this face wash to people having problems with oiliness and breakouts. It is especially great for combination skin types. Girls, finally here’s a product that will not dry your skin nor make it greasy.

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