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Anoo's Black Xpert is a natural hair colouring powder that is 100% herbal. It is user-friendly and works well for men and women. It gives 100% grey hair coverage. This hair colour will not only cover grey hair but also impart a rich shine and colour to your hair. It is anti-dandruff and promotes hair growth. This ammonia-free formula treats dryness and dandruff issues as well. Henna and indigo provide smoothness, radiance, and deep colour to your hair. This product is rich in anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that keep your scalp healthy while promoting hair growth. It is a natural hair colour formula for your grey hair problem. Men can apply this colour to their beard and moustache as well. This is a perfect product for colouring hair without causing any skin irritation.

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Long Lasting

Wonderful product!. I bought this hair color for my aunty. she liked it very much. The result of this hair color is good. The quality of the product is very nice. Very safe and hair color is looks natural. This product gives perfect color, prevents hair loss and it is perfect for both men and women. Anoos black expert is a perfect product for coloring hair without causing any skin irritation. Anoos black expert is a nice product and it is an anti-dandruff and promotes hair growth. Must buy!

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